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Today's Corporate Dems Most Dangerous Secret:

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It has been forty years since the Republicans started playing by the Southern Strategy, and the Corporate Democrats agreed that THEY WOULD NOT CALL ITS BLUFF

What bluff was that?

The only way to trump race as political weapon is with class. Just the opposite of what O' Bomb "Em and the rest of the Corporate Dems are doing now in going for the upper class educated voters and leaving the working class origins of the New Deal Coalition ... well leaving even the last crumbs of this behind.

Nothing makes clear the threat to the Corporate Dems that was RFK's 1968 campaign more clearly that the new book on RFK by Thurson Moore.

You connot see the Dems of today clearly without seeing them in with the contrast that Moore's book offers. Will post examples of RFK and the contrast it offers for today later on.

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