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Thank you to all those who have agreed to answer student questions on JFK and LBJ. The venture has been a great success. In just over a week it has become one of the most popular aspects of the forum. For example, a question on JFK and the Secret Service, posted by Evgenia Plotnikova-Doumerc on the 20th July, has already had 26 replies and 341 page views.

I have now created a separate section for Student Questions:


Here you will find questions on a whole range of related topics including the Cold War and the Vietnam War. Don’t forget to visit this page as Student Questions will no longer be posted in the JFK part of the forum.

If you answer any of these questions please post your biography in the appropriate “Experts Panel”. This is important as the students will need to have this information when quoting their sources in their essays/coursework.

Thank you again for your time and effort in encouraging students to study the JFK assassination. Hopefully, our efforts will help this become a mainstream topic to be studied in schools, colleges and universities.

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