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Has Jack White Been Banned

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No he has not. I assume it is as a result of this post by Simkin:

"Some members have started removing their avatars and the link to their biographies in their signature. Moderators have been instructed to place members who do this on moderation and for their posts to be made invisible until they abide by the rules.

It has also been noted that some members have once again started to accuse members of lying, being disinformation agents, etc. This will not be tolerated and such posts will be made invisible when this happens. Repeat offenders will be placed on moderation."

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Jack informs me that Evan Burton has notified him that he (Jack) is banned from this Forum?

Is this so?


Once again, utterly wrong.

I have NOT said any such thing.

I have NOT said anything like that.

I do NOT have those powers.

People have been told this time and time again.

Thread locked pending deletion.

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