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"And if you go chasing rabbits"

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The Sun is arising for those who have the ability to recognize it and no longer wish to remain in the "dark" of the rabbit holes.

This looks good Tom, congrats. Is your book due for publication? Denis.

The "DRAFT" was pretty well completed years ago and search for a publisher began about the time that the Movie JFK came out and flung more BS all over everything.

After that, it was pretty much a hopeless cause and I determined that dumb people were not entitled to the facts.

The CE399 part was simple!

Explaining what all the WC did to obscure CE399 is not!

Thereafter, I also completed work on a draft for the second shot/aka Z313, and was fairly complete on work on the third/last/final shot impact aka/Stationing 4+95/aka directly in front of James Altgens.

But other things in life became more important than attempting to counter the somewhat overwhelming amount of BS which was already out there on the subject.

And, it also appeared that I had attracted some unwanted attention as well.

Some wanted me to "self-publish", but considering that between $20,000.00 to $30,000.00 of personal funds had been expended in searching for the facts and truths, I saw little to be gained by expending another equal amount in attempting to convince those who by all rights should be doubtful, that the facts and truths were now pretty well known already.

The internet has made it free to those who are willing to study it and as I long ago challanged John McAdams & Ken Rahn, "Debunk" away if you can!

Nevertheless, I do have a "core" of some relatively highly qualified persons who not only know and believe, but have also aided with the "credibility" problem one inherits with this mess.

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