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So? Problem solved, nicht wahr?

Personally, I'm of a mind that - until and unless I publish something significant - whatever I write simply must carry copyright notice and be reprinted in its entirety. You can Google my name plus "Cowtown Connection" and you'll get about 10 hits in different locations for that one article. If Jerry Rose continued to sell back issues of The Third Decade, I'd have no problem with it. Since there's no financial loss to me due to its additional publication elsewhere in print, I likewise don't think I'd have a difficulty in it appearing in, say, Deep Politics Quarterly even without my advance permission (I might go nuts, however, if someone published my writings in a volume that they sold en masse, say like $5.00 apiece for Freeway Man on the grassy knoll ... like that's gonna happen!).

"Cowtown" was reproduced by someone and placed here on the forum before I was even a member. Now, a few more people have read it than had before. No problemo.

While I take your point (and I think the idea of charging for a PDF is more than a little ridiculous), I don't think it's anything worth fretting over much. As I said, you've accomplished your objective, end of story. Their corporate structure is of even less concern (and I have a copy of their articles of incorporation and annual filings right here in front of me), es machts nichts.

Such fights need not be publicly aired. They're nobody's business and most people don't care anyway.

Such fights may alert others as to what may be in store for them in the event that they do not adequately protect their own works.

I gave of the knowledge freely and I do not care for others who not only continue to foster the "Conspiracy BS', but do so through the usage of my materials for which they charge a fee.

Considering the fact that I have over the past several years expended approximately $50,000.00 merely in construction of ponds in order that before his death my father could see that it could be done, then rest assured that whatever pittance amount JFK Lancer may make off my works is of little significance financially.

And, others I might add, appear to also have concerns in regards to their claims as a "non-profit" organization.

Lastly, there exists considerable difference between writing some article and the publishing of the first virtually irrefutable proof of altered Warren Commission evidence, as well as a "Vehicle Speed Analysis" which by their nature fully demonstrate exactly how staged and phony the WC assassination re-enactment was.

The first would be an article. The second would be historical evidence.

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Duke posted...


"Cowtown" was reproduced by someone and placed here on the forum before I was even a member. Now, a few more people have read it than had before. No problemo.


Actually, I am the culprit that posted your "Cowtown" article. I read it and liked it and thought others would also like to read it. For some reason, it never even occcurred to me that I might not be doing the right thing! Then later on, I did worry some about it. But, then when you joined the forum I felt that you knew I had posted it and since you never did chastise me about it, I did aassume it was okay with you. I believe later on, someone else also posted it, but I don't recall who it was. So, I am now quite pleased to hear that it was okay with you!!

Thanks much


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