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Roger Fong

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For bargain hunters:

David Talbot's excellent book "Brothers: The Hidden History of the Kennedy Years" is available on Amazon (the U.S. version anyway) for $7.99.

Also on sale: "Ultimate Sacrifice" for ten bucks.

Not to get really off the subject, but near me in the next town, they have a great used bood store. They take trade ins, and allow you so much for hardbacks, softs, etc.... on trade in on their books in stock, and they have alot of very out of date, unique books. I have gone in and found many out of print books concerning jfk, the 22nd, and related books, for next to nothing. [plus they allow you so much for the ones you bring in-they are very cheap!]So the next time you pass one, back up, and check it out. You might be suprised!-FWIW-smitty

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