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Bipartisanship: the Corporate Virtue

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Bipartisanship, in a time of Corporate mental hegemony, is no virtue!

Whahappa? No, there is very scarce evidence that I am Barry Goldwater, at least right now.

You may have noticed Rubin at O bomb'em (Pakistan's) side yesterday. This is the Rubin that engineered Clinton Incs Wall Street deregulatory agenda with full Republican support. THis is the Rubin of Clinton Nafta years. This is the Rubin of the Democratic party that has given us Rahm Emanuel and American Express yes -men like Hillary Rodham Bush and Chuck Schumer, who was paid to sleep while Wall Street robbed us blind.

O'bomb'em seemed to make a point of acting what-the-Corporate-Media-will-call-statesmenlike in the last couple of days. The old New Deal Democratic party would have been throwing mashed potatos by now and why the heck not? Not this Yuppified Wall Street Republican licking crew of post 1985 DLC Democrats.

No these Dems know their jobs: to keep the 85% of the population who can't stand the way the country is going utterly voiceless, divided and at each others throats over McCultural Issues. Thats what they are paid so very much to do.

How interesting that McSame seemed more "populist" than Obombem on the bailouts! Yet it makes perfect sense. Nobody sane who counts in this government (billionaires) can take McSames economic populism as anything other than a joke. Neither SHOULD anyone who has read about the BENDOVERCRATS for the last twenty years should believe that they are any less subservient to the financial sector at the expense of the rest of the economy if there is any still.

Yet there are still the comfortably ignorant who want to believe that by pulling a lever for Terry Mcauliffes Bendovercrats that they can create change without getting off thier portfolios and doing stuff.

So Obamb'em's job is really to dampen down expectations of change while still saying the word change a lot-- confident that the the worst presidency in the history of the US will give him a victory shorn by wolf blitzkreig and co. of a mandate-- unless maybe it's Anderson Cooper.

That is why its was the job of McSame to sound populist. The Democrat CANNOT right now. That would be smoking near the gas pump. Dems are paid not to win big.

The two parties are cooperating very well. They are bipartisan billionaire bailout on the big stuff and loud quibbling on everything else. Bipartisan roers on our river Styx.

When will we create a second party?


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