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Phil Willis Reflection

Chris Davidson

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Maybe this will help.

The photo is from Dormans movie.

The red arrows point to Rosemary Willis and a lady in a orange top/red shoes who has just finished her RUN towards Betzner, who is wearing all white.

Keep the ladies orientation to each other in mind.

The movie is from Bell. I stabilized the wall, so you can see the activity in the lower right corner.

I would say that the Dorman photo and Bell movie match.

In Bell, look for Rosemary's white hood as she passes Betzner and the lady in orange as she approaches Betzner.



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This is from the Z film.

Watch the lady in orange coming around the Elm St. corner towards Betzner.

Where is Rosemary Willis? Remember their orientation from the previous post.

I guess the lady in orange did 2 sprints towards Betzner in a matter of say 10 seconds.

Not likely!!!

Just a little out of sequence with that Z film. Ya think.

Probably why the shadow in the Willis photo is not his.

Probably why the Towner camera needs to film at 24 FPS instead of its true capability of 16 FPS.

And so on, and so on, and so on.

Rate x Time = Distance


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Since I've been discussing reflections, and shadows would be a similar interest, perhaps you can test this on a sunny day for yourself.

Can I have my arm extended, waving to the president and within 1/3 of a second have my arms crossed again? (Bottom Right)

Would my arm shadow appear circular as I bring it in to a folding position?

Follow the waving shadow.

Then, if you come to the conclusion that you can, ask yourself how 2 (8mm) films can have sprocket holes and frame width's that match, yet the vertical image within

the frames do not.


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Your Bell GIF ends one or two seconds before the Dorman frame, so no, they don’t match. Once you get them lined up properly, everything will match.

As for your other question about the two cameras views not matching, the simple answer is that they were machined differently, which is why most projectors in those days had a Frame adjustment to compensate.

Gary Mack


Bell is northwest of conductor man and wall-man. Or, as he faces them, Bell is on their left side.

Wall-man is on conductor man's left side in Bell.

In Dorman, conductor man is farther downhill. You can use the sidewalk expansion joint/crack (red arrows) as the marker.

If I'm Bell and conductor man is farther downhill than wall-man is, then conductor man should be on the left side of wall-man in Bell.

In other words, if I'm Bell and I was filming directly behind wall-man, conductor man should appear on the left of him, which will match what is shown in Dorman.

The Bell gif and Dorman frame from the previous post comparison do match, if you use the LADY in front of Rosemary Willis as your marker in both mediums.

In fact, if what you are saying was valid, we should see conductor man waving in Bell, which would match my previous shadow gif posting of conductor man from Dorman.

We don't, and there is a reason.

This just adds more support to the Towner camera filming at it's true capability of 16-18 FPS and not the Myer's sync of 23-24 FPS, which eliminates 2-3 seconds of time.

It's why the waving shadow motion of conductor man is too fast.

It's why the Willis reflection is wrong.

It's why the lady in orange from Z doesn't sync.

It's why the speed of the limo according to the WC math and the Z film don't match. Remember frames 161-166 and the distance traveled.

Not to difficult to figure out.

Not sure what you are referring to with regards to the camera angles. If you are speaking to the Dorman/Z frame comparison, what does that have to do with 8mm film and

the relationship of sprocketholes to main frame?


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