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Charles Drago

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Why not here, where you control the field?


Stop talking to yourself and answer the question.

Oh ... wait a minute ... you can't risk the exposure.

Got it.

Charles - you have become ridiculous and have also clearly chosen not to "think".

You have been given enough (more than enough) opportunity to advertise your forum here and I have wished you good luck with your venture on several occasions and yet you continue to be obnoxious and trite. This thread will therefore be closed.

Please desist from projecting all those negative emotions which belong to you onto me and the other good people here. It does you no credit at all and does not further the cause of education one iota.

I have offered to debate with you on any topic you like and you have apparently declined.

If indeed I am correct in my conclusion that you have absolutely nothing to say, please go and say it somewhere else.

thank you.

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