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James Files recent CIA comments

Pamela Ray

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Pamela Ray & James Files Oct. 18, 2008

PR: Jimmy, I was going to ask you if Charles Nicoletti was involved with the, the CIA drug running?

JF: No, he wasn’t involved in the CIA drug running, but the FBI was trying to turn him as an informant, and William Roemer?

PR: Yeah.

JF: He was the one who had been trying to recruit Chuck.

PR: Right.

JF: And ah, with Chuck, now he probably had some contact with the Agency at times, but he really didn’t get that deep into it. (cough) Now I know him and Phillips probably knew each other, or Phillips knew who he was, I would never ask ‘cause I don’t want to know, “The less I know the smarter I am” you have to understand that.

PR: Sure, but Charles Nicoletti never talked about David Atlee Phillips?

JF: No.

PR: And especially about the JFK assassination?

JF: No. When we did a job, it was history. Forget about it. The only thing Chuck said to me was, “Don’t you think you fired too soon?” And I said, “I was fixin’ to lose my field of fire.”

PR: Right.

JF: And ah, but other than that, Sam Giancana had all the contacts; him and Johnny Roselli. Everything was funneled through them. They were, Johnny Roselli was actually liaison for the CIA to Sam Giancana. Now how tight Sam was with a lot of people, how much he talked with them, I have no way of knowing. But I do know Johnny Roselli was the number one liaison between everybody.

PR: Okay.

JF: I know that for a fact.

PR: Was David Phillips in charge of the drug part of the CIA?

JF: No.

PR: But it overlapped into some of his covert operations?

JF: Well, it didn’t overlap with his, he just knew about it, but he had no part of it. David Phillips was in a whole different field.

PR: What was his main job besides propaganda?

JF: Recruiting, (sigh) overseeing propaganda, setting up different, you know, financial things, operating, setting up different groups of anti-government groups, ah,

PR: Was he involved with counter terror uh,

JF: Counter terrorist? No.

PR: Not counter terrorism but counter intelligence with that guy (James) Angleton? Was he involved with him?

JF: No, that I couldn’t give you an honest answer. But if you want to talk about the drug trade, you have Shackley (Ted) he was overseeing a lot of it, or was involved in a lot of it, and also Tom Ridge was involved with a lot of it, because, don’t forget now, the Phoenix Program, Shackley was one of the top people in it. But Tom Ridge was over Shackley and the Phoenix project. Al Seal,

PR: The late Homeland Security director?

JF: That’s him!

PR: Wow.

JF: And his right-hand man that he chose to put on his security was Al Seal, and Al Seal ran base operations out of An Wah (Sp) just outside of Da Nang for cross-border operations for the Agency. I know ‘cause he sent my ass over the border into Laos a number of times. Laos, Cambodia, North Vietnam, into the DMZ. The DMZ is not just a line; it’s all open territory and it’s a wide open range in there. You studied American history right?

PR: Right.

JF: They used to have a strip known as an outlaw strip between Texas and Louisiana?

PR: I don’t know about that but I believe you.

JF: Yeah, but anyway, it was like 35 or 40 miles across and a long ways up and into the country.

PR: Um-hmm

JF: And this is where all the outlaws hung out and everything else. And that’s where when Santa Anna defeated the Alamo, and what’s his name led the rest of the army up into that part of the country, but he had Santa Anna, chasing him and his men, and he had to move his army in the swamps there, and he had already been there, once Santa Anna men got in there, that is when they wiped his ass out. They cleaned his clock. And that’s history.

PR: There it is. It’s probably in 10 of these books that are right in front of my face.

JF: But ah, basically speaking,

PR: Oh! I know what I was going to ask you. How come those guys get to be head of Homeland Security; head of the CIA?

JF: Who was Porter Goss?

PR: That’s what I’m saying.

JF: You know who he was?

PR: Yeah. Was the head of the CIA.

JF: But he’s sitting here at the table with us (pause)

PR: So, I’m saying, how come they just throw you in the trash when they used everybody else

JF: Didn’t I send you a copy of the Soviets, Afghanistan and the CIA? Didn’t I send you a copy of what I wrote?

PR: Yes. http://jfkmurderjamesfiles.weebly.com/jame...ilsons-war.html

JF: It tells ya, it’s all right there. Your Blue Blood are the “good guys” up there. I was a Mongrel. I was one discarded, you know, I’m, I’m mangy alley dog.

PR: That White Alabama Trash is what they called you.

JF: Yep.

PR: Just because of your family background, they acted, and

JF: I wasn’t from old money, I didn’t attend the Yale, the Harvard, I didn’t attend the other schools, I was a drop-out. I was a nobody.

PR: So you went and did the work for ‘em!

JF: It don’t matter. You go out to recruit, you gonna send a guy with a high IQ that’s got a lot of money to go get killed that don’t know xxxx, never had a fight in his life,

PR: (pause) I guess not

JF: Was like I told ya, you wouldn’t send Josh into another country to go assassinate somebody ‘cause he never had no training.

PR: (long pause, sigh)

JF: IF you want something smuggled, you hire a smuggler. You don’t go hire a safe cracker. If you want a safe cracked, you don’t hire the smuggler and you don’t hire an airplane pilot. You know what I mean?

PR: Right.

JF: You hire somebody than can do the job. You hire somebody that’s qualified in that field. If you want to get a book wrote, you know let’s say you want to write a special article for prime time or something, you get a journalist to write it for you. You don’t go and find some drop-out from grade school that’s been running around selling nickel and dime bags of dope on the street. He can’t even spell. When you look at people, you got a certain list of people, you know, the whole thing is this, people have a serial, no not a serial

PR: Expertise.

JF: Social Security number okay?

PR: Right.

JF: People are checked out; their number’s on file, they know who they are, they know they work at a steel plant, car manufacture, you work in an office, they’re a doctor, they’re a electrician, they’re a plumber, whatever the hell they might be,

PR: Right.

JF: If they need somebody in that field, and they scan through these long list of names and they look for people with a criminal background or if they’ve been in trouble with the law or something, and then they use a little leverage on these people and force them to do a job.

PR: They blackmail them into it.

JF: It’s all blackmail!

PR: And the CIA recruits people through using their Social Security numbers?

JF: They

PR: And finding out what they do?

JF: They got a way of checking. You need somebody that you don’t know and you don’t want tied back to you. And you’re not gonna go tell ‘em “Look, I’m from the CIA and you’re gonna work for me.” You find somebody, a couple of strange men approach ‘em, let’s say Men in Black, okay but they ain’t after aliens, and somebody knocks on your door; you don’t know who the hell these people are, they show you a bogus ID or something, they tell you they’re from the department of Area 16 etc etc and next thing you know, you’re fixin’ to face a couple criminal raps, you’re investigated, you’re fixin’ to lose your business. God only knows; you’ve probably been set up for one thing or another. You take guys like me, most guys go ahead and do the job and they go to jail. Then you take guys like me, and other people, and this other party, a friend of mine, we been through the training at the Farm, we come through, we had our test for all; and when all our training was done, and they drive us downtown D.C. somewhere, they got an address, they wipe off a gun, they hand it to us, we walk in the house, and we execute people we don’t know. We might kill the mother, father and three children and walk out. We make pictures of the dead bodies. We give them the film. We give them the gun back. Where does that stuff go? It’s all filed and put away and locked up for safe keeping. If they ever want us for murder, they got us for murder. They can do anything to us they want to, we’re gonna play their game.

PR: That’s your diploma from the Farm.

JF: That’s it!

PR: Wow. (pause)

JF: Then they control people that way. The F.B. you know, J. Edgar Hoover, he wasn’t xxxx when it come to blackmailin’ people. He kept records on everybody but, hell, the Agency, you gave them the evidence they needed to control you.

PR: It’s still going on in Congress and all over Washington D.C. right now.

JF: We’ve got pictures and films; we’ve had Congressmen, Senators, new young girls, 18 years old, young boys, lone hookers, prostitution, while they’re in there having their thrill and getting it off, ah

PR: All of it’s being recorded.

JF: It’s all on film. All

PR: And then they blackmail everybody.

JF: Huh?

PR: And then they blackmail everybody to make them do whatever they want.

JF: Yeah, they let ‘em do whatever they’re gonna do. Not only is your career over with, your family life is over with.

PR: (pause) and that’s what our tax dollars are working hard to provide and

JF: Listen, if you’re gonna run an organization, you got to have the power.

I would love for Jim Hougan to comment...


It was brought to my attention that there might be a misunderstanding about the phone interview I posted yesterday:

JF: Who was Porter Goss?

PR: That’s what I’m saying.

JF: You know who he was?

PR: Yeah. Was the head of the CIA.

JF: But he’s sitting here at the table with us (pause)

James Files has told me in the past, on a couple different occasions, that he was NOT in the picture on the cover of Barry & ‘the boys’.

When speaking about “sitting here at the table with us” James Files is alluding to the reference about the civilian assassination program Phoenix, Ted Shackley, Tom Ridge, Al Seal and Porter Goss in VIETNAM (Da Nang) not Mexico City where the Barry & ‘the boys’ book cover photo was taken.

Sorry for any confusion but I thought it was pretty clear Files never mentioned Hopsicker’s book cover and he was talking about sitting at a table in An Wah (not sure on spelling)outside of Da Nang just before he got sent across the Vietnamese border. Evidently the former Operation 40 member/CIA Director Goss was in Vietnam (news to me) and he was involved in Phoenix as well. That was his point

For more information:




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