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James Files real story NOT getting out

Pamela Ray

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I know most people have no sympathy or compassion for James Files but lately things have heated up again in ongoing Dankbaar Truth War; you know the self appointed truth dispenser who is actually a person who preys on the real truth seekers involved in the JFK assassination research community? Yes, him. Ever seeking the Big Deal, Wim Dankbaar is trying to get James Files to sign a movie release and he will not do it.

Last Saturday James Files and I were talking about the current mess and this is just a part of what he had to say. After foolishly trusting Mr. Dankbaar, nothing but broken promises and heart ache have followed in the years between 2003-2008 . Don’t be fooled truth seekers! Mr. Dankbaar promised to use all his resources to stop me and James Files from publishing To Kill A Country and now Interview with History: The JFK Assassination and you can see the fruit and harvest of that threat. He only wants his sanitized version of history to remain. How much have we gained on our collective journey when people like this are "truth handlers?"

JF: (Speaking of close associate) He says, “Everybody makes money off of you and nobody sends you a dollar for commissary. You don’t need it! Tell ‘em to go to hell.” He says, “Tell ‘em I told you to. Tell ‘em I asked you to not sign no deals with nobody.

I said, “Okay. You got it.” So…

PR: Okay.

JF: Why should I help Wim? He’s never done nothing for us!

PR: No, he’s just stomped on us and taken us down…

JF: And if you remember, you was sitting right there at the table when I told him, “Tell Bob Vernon you don’t need his sh*t and that I will work with you, I will give you everything you need. You don’t need Bob Vernon, you don’t gotta give him all that money. ‘Cause all I want is out of prison. He promised me he would help you, do this, do that, said he would help you…and he went and made his deal with Bob Vernon…he gave Bob Vernon all that money and everything else, that’s on him, I got no sympathy! I hate the subject of JFK; somebody wrote me and wanted to send me a book they got on JFK etc… I already told ‘em, “Don’t send no books on JFK! That’s the last subject I want to hear about. I guess some book come out and “the Corsican Mafia or somebody did it.” That’s fine with me. G*d damn I don’t care if little green men from Mars come and done it. I know the story. I know the truth. It don’t matter to me. I don’t even want to read about it! You may find this hard to believe but I don’t even like reading about me.

PR: Why’s that?

JF: I just don’t . I don’t enjoy reading about me. I’d rather read about somebody else. I enjoy reading about Antonio Veciana, about Tosh and all these other guys I know, but I don’t like reading the parts about me.

PR: Did Antonio Vec..

JF: They showed what a scum bag I was.

PR: That’s why you needed Jesus in your life. Did Antonio Veciana know that you were one of the shooters in the JFK assassination?

JF: I never admitted it to him, he probably felt it, he probably thought it, “He come out of Chicago…” I had a name and things like that, ah, even Tosh remembered me as a young hitter.

PR: Hmmm

JF: And a young hitter at that time, they say, “Yeah, that guy’s a hitter.” They don’t say, “The guy’s a contract killer,” they say, “The guy’s a hitter.” And that’s what it meant back then. Just like with the family…”Hey, whack that guy! Will ya? baaabaabaa…” Ya know?

PR: Yeah.

JF: You didn’t say, “Go hit this guy” it’s “Whack this guy!” Well, that and a few different words added, you know, nasty words

PR: Right. But you were known for that?

JF: Yeah. When Chuck and me got a contract, the guy was as good as in the trunk! (pause) And like when Sam come in from Mexico, that one time when he got back into the country, he found out that (Richard “Dick”) Cain had pushed the button and everything else, you know what I mean…he’d been trying to get him out of the picture. He made a call, he told this party at that point, “Go get Chuck! I don’t want this son-of-a-bitch to see the sunset! Do you hear me?” Woowooowooo. He ranted and he raved and stomped on the sidewalk, paced up and down around the corner, kicked the light pole a couple times, kicked the trash basket that was sittin’ there on the sidewalk and ah…at noon Cain was dead.

PR: Wow.

JF: That was like two hours after Sam gave the order. That’s fast.

PR: That’s real fast.

JF: But in the movies it takes six months or a year to plan a hit. That’s why I say, in movies they got fifteen guys ….to be continued.

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I wonder if this should be the start of a real pissing contest. Maybe first Pamela should explain why her publisher agreed twice to cease her booklets? Or maybe she could show the contracts she signed with me? And then she could also start giving us more of the truth, including certain persons whose brains Jimmy blew out with a shotgun, as well as women whom "he ran over the skull"?

When finished with that, she could give us a glance in her Jesus guided mind. Maybe I should help a little with that:

Dankbaar has been very self-assured and cocky about all this treachery and doesn't even realize the danger he is putting himself in by double crossing us. He thinks because nothing has happened to him...yet...that he is getting away with abusing the situation. I'm not a violent person and never will be but James Files has nothing left to lose to protect me the only way he knows how.

On one occasion, James Files told me he waited 18 years, but justice did come to the offending party. DO NOT SAY ANYTHING TO DANKBAAR but this is FYI only. Dankbaar thinks he is safe because James Files is locked away in prison and fails to realize he is still in close contact with his former associates. Dankbaar really needs to "DO THE RIGHT THING." I will never encourage James Files to do anything harmful but the situation could escalate to the point where no matter what I said wouldn' t matter because something might just "happen." James Files will never tell me about the plans. His mail and phone calls are all monitored and this will be his last COVERT OPERATION to protect the woman he loves. Again, this is VERY CONFIDENTIAL.


And then she could do a pitch right here for her "love story" with James, that she believes is worth 2 to 3 million US dollars?

Finally, we could ask Jimmy's best living friend Bruce Brychek to render his opinion about Pamela.


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