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The West Ham Circus Steams On

Guest Gary Loughran

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Guest Gary Loughran

Can't score and can't defend. A recipe for disaster.

But hey, as long as we look good getting bad results, that's all that matters, after all that is the West Ham way...isn't it???

As long as the kids are out there looking good and producing nothing (until they're sold)...the West Ham way.

It can't all be Zola's fault, as pathetic as he is...can it?

Any club or player needing a pick me up, come play West Ham. Not scored a league before, come to play West Ham and you'll break your duck. Having a bad run, come play West Ham, we'll ensure your run ends.

Bad luck only extends so far, it is criminal negligence, on behalf of the West Ham players, that we lost this game today. Not misfortune or cruel game type bathos; quite simply we didn't get the job done...again. Were we really a one man team so reliant on Ashton for goals...more and more it looks likely. Could Sears be another Neil Mellor, a flat track bully in the reserves and unable to step up and get goals in the firsts???

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