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Is this the face of the Babushka lady?

Guest Duncan MacRae

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Guest Duncan MacRae

For those of you following the thread over at Lancer where some people are becoming excited about this, the answer is NO...It is NOT the Babushka lady.

The Babushka lady is wearing a strap over her right soulder which extends all the way across her back, and therefore her front too.

The lady being compaired does not have such a strap. Feel free to post this image anywhere. :lol:


Duncan MacRae

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Duncan, I agree. Not the Babuska lady, and certainly not Beverly Oliver.

Now maybe we could make this thread a little more interesting by starting a discussion whether FBI agent Regis Kennedy, reportedly in Marcello's pocket, could have visited Beverly in Dallas to take her film?

The likes of Dave Perry and Gary Mack claim it could never have happened because Kennedy was stationed in New Orleans.


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The man on the left, wearing glasses and in shirtsleeves, resembles Joannides as identified in the Ambassador Hotel pics.

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Thanks Duncan,

I kind of wished that you hadn’t now, because I spent half the day checking it out when I should have been working :hotorwot

I have to say though mate, there could be a case for it and looking at all those pictures as I did today, one would think she must be somewhere amongst them? It sure is Interesting though.

When I first joined this forum I asked someone a question via PM. The question was; did anyone ever consider/research if the babushka woman was not a resident of Dallas (like a tourist for example)? I just don’t believe the Beverly Oliver story and I wondered why the real BL didn’t come forward.

I got back from the UK about 6 weeks ago and I am yet to upload my digital pictures and video I took why I was there. I still have some older holiday cameras (the disposable ones) somewhere from years ago and I have never had them processed either. I guess I am lazy when it comes to things like that, but I got to thinking how many others are too? I know the day JFK was shot, was no ordinary day and that's probably why I didn’t get an answer to this question before.

Thanks - Steve

No problem Steve.

Babushka Lancer Thread


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