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The Misdiagnosis that Allows the Cancer to Grow

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This is what I have been arguing for some time. The idea that there is "too much bipartisan bickering" is something that is designed to appeal to those who dont follow politics at all. Its a lowest common denominator, anti-politics, "can't they all just shut up, so I can watch dancing with the stars" type of argument.

Unfortunately, it has nothing in the world to do with our real problem ALL TOO MUCH BIPARTISANSHIP!!!!!!!!!!



Operation Mockingbird Spartacus:


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For once I agree with you (and the author) though perhaps my interpretation is a little different. As Don points out people get worked up about “emotional” issues like flag burning, abortion, evolution, gay marriage etc the Democrats however have kowtowed to Bush’s agenda on issues that really effect how people in the US and around the world live. Not that I don’t think the aforementioned social issues aren’t important but I wish the Democrats in congress would show the same resolve concerning substantive ones. To be fair though post 9/11 it would have been hard to say no on security issues and the GOP controlled the House 1995 – 2007 and the Senate 2003 – 7 (plus the 1st few months of 2001). That said things didn't seem to change much after January 2007 when they gained control of both houses. They will start next session with 58 - 60 senators vs. 42 - 40 Republican ones, a big majority in the House and of course the presidency. I´m cautiously optimistic.


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