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Thomas Joseph Rossi: Man sitting next to umbrella man?

John Simkin

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I have been told by an informant that the man called Thomas Joseph Rossi (born 2nd November, 1925) was in Dealey Plaza on the day JFK was assassinated. He is the man sitting next to umbrella man. According to my informant, Rossi hated JFK and told him he was there when they got him. Rossi had served in an elite calvary unit during the Second World War and lived in Chester, Pa. when my informant got to know him. He had a friend, who went by the name John Bowen. His real name was John Ceaser Grossi and he worked with Oswald at Jaggers-Chiles-Stovall. My informant has photographs of Rossi and he reckons this confirms that he was in Dealey Plaza that day.

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Rossi doesn't sound like someone likely to have dark features and there are many more likely suspects for this man already mentioned elsewhere on this Forum and known to other researchers.

Although it's not politically correct, I have to agree. I don't know any Italian man who would say The Cuban could be Italian.

Also, regarding Rossi, could he have been an Oswald lookalike?

Kathy C

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