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10 False Flag Operations that Shaped Our World

Ron Ecker

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My reply:

Very weak you provided no citations to back your claims so the reader has to research them his or herself, essentially doing YOUR homework. About half the incidents don’t qualify as false flag incidents because they don’t seem to have been carried out by those who tried to exploit them for political advantage, one back fired another was never carried out. Also the 1st nine incidents seem to show it would be near impossible to keep such a thing secret.

1] Even you acknowledge Nero probably was not responsible for the fire. However according to historian Tacitus, who was a child at the time, he was suspected:

“Whether it was accidental or caused by a criminal act on the part of the emperor is uncertain - both versions have supporters.”

http://tinyurl.com/6r4y98 pg 362

2] It is unclear what cause the Maine to explode, most accounts I’ve seen think it was accidental

3/5] No one outside Japan or Germany believed those countries had been attacked.

4] Outside of Germany (and even in it) it was widely believed that the Nazi’s set the fire, even today historians are divided over the respective roles of Van der Lubbe and the Nazis

6] Much of the info about the “ignored” intelligence of an impending Pearl Harbor attack came out before the end of the war. You misrepresented the McCollum memo he wrote about how the advance Axis was a grave threat to US security and suggested what could be done short of declaring war and near the end wrote “If by these means Japan could be led to commit an overt act of war, so much the better. At all events we must be fully prepared to accept the threat of war.” In other words war was seen as a possible outcome of but NOT the objective of the suggested measures.


Distressingly you equate the US providing aid to its allies as ‘baiting’ Hitler a position with little support outside of neo-Nazi circles.

7] The “Lavon Affair” was an abject failure that completely backfired

8] Operation Northwoods was never executed but it became public, even the JCS fretted about being able to keep it secret.

9] LBJ and his cohorts seem to have exploited the Tonkin incidents rather than engineered them

10] Your 9/11 info is equally off base

Asbestos was only used in part of the Twin Towers I’ve seen no credible support for the theory the city was forcing it to be removed. Since the complex was owned by a bi-state agency neither the city nor the state exercised regularity control over any compliance was voluntary. The cost of that seems to have only been around $ 200 million according to “truther” site citing court documents


Silverstein actually took a large loss as a result of 9/11 he has had to pay his annual $120 million rent to the Port Authority despite not receiving and rent for the last 7 years and he is unlikely to receive any rent for several more years. He is still contractually obliged to rebuild the complex. That’s what $ 4.6 billion was for but rebuilding costs are expected to exceed that amount. It also turns out that he only wanted to insure the complex for $ 1.5 billion but his financial backers balked.


I’ve seen no evidence the war games delayed the military’s response time. As had been the case for the last several years 14 fighters were on scramble alert in the “lower 48” on 9/11. Intercepts of over US airspace (as opposed to at sea) were rare before 9/11. It took over an hour to intercept Payne Stewart’s Learjet in 1999, about the same amount of time to intercept a Lear in a similar incident out of Memphis in 1988 and 2 hours to intercept Bo Rein’s plane in 1980.

Rumsfeld brought up the $ 2.3 trillion in a prepared statement to congress because he was pushing for new data systems he never indicated the money was missing.

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