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Finally, two and a half months after horse departed barn, an at least mildly honest article about Chuck n TV will help Duck Schumer. Note there is still the false cover-up language about left center and right-- usig the term center for moderate right by US standards, right by world standards-- but there is also some attempt by the Times to cover their vast bald spot of realistic reporting about this very key Total Wall Street Democrat.

It is the equivelent of a reconstructed autopsy photo on the carcass of american journalism.

The completely uncritical coverage of Democrats like Chuck Schumer are in my opinion even more significant than the free ride they give to Republicans. Such coverage makes extremism seem mainstream to american readers.

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Thanks for posting that Nate. I saw it on the NY Times site but didn’t read it till I saw your post. Distressingly he even opposed measures supported by Republicans. Senators and Congressmen are of course are expected to look out for the interests of the major industries in their states districts, morality gets blurred when these local interests conflict with national/world ones and doubly when as (tends to happen) the owners and execs of companies from those industries are major campaign contributors how does one distinguish between doing what’s in the best interest of their constituents with ‘doing their masters bidding’. Much as Schumer will claim (and perhaps even convinced himself) he was only doing the former he seems to have been doing the latter as well.

Perhaps you and Don (Jefferies) are right and the minimal differences between the 2 parties are irrelevant.

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Yes Len, there is very very very little difference between the two parties on banking policy.

In fact, I can think of only one policy area in which the two parties in the national Legislative Branch have still more in common: intelligence oversite.

There is a bipartisan concensus to provide none whatsoever.

And what do they say happens when one kind of power goes unchecked.....

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