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Zapruder Film - Non Assassination

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Robert what you refer to is, the complete pre-assassination ..

At one time it was available, I have not seen it now for a few years...

unless it is in a nitch out there, it opens with and shows his grandson, in the backyard

and his daughter in the house...I believe if memory is clicking in... B)

The pre of Sitzman and the Hesters, is not what she described within her informatoin

that he took such as she walked towards him, waving, all it has ever shown that I personally

have seen is just the wee bit showing her turning....that was posted......??

There is a video, but right now, I have no idea where it is put away, nor the name of....... big help I am..

But it does show the private screening of family and the Sitzman, clip..

Hopefully someone may just have it out there, and or can give us the name of the video...

I will do a search within my files, just in case, if anything pops up, I will post whatever for you.....


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