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Robin Ramsay

Robin Ramsay

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Robin Ramsay is the editor of Lobster Magazine. Since 1983 the magazine has featured articles on the assassination of John F. Kennedy, Edward Jay Epstein, anti Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament groups, the Vietnam War, Lord Mountbatten and the Central Intelligence Agency, Lee Harvey Oswald in Mexico, KGB, Airey Neave, the plot to smear Harold Wilson, Winston Churchill and Pearl Harbor, MI5 and the rise of Margaret Thatcher, Peter Wright, Watergate, Peter Dale Scott, Archibald Ramsay and the Right Club, Clay Shaw and Appeasement.

He is also the co-author of Smear! Wilson and the Secret State! (1991). Other books by Robin Ramsay include Conspiracy Theories: Almost Everything You Need to Know in One Essential Guide (2000), Who Shot JFK? (2002) and The Rise of New Labour (2002).

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