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The Movie "W"

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This film was out only for a short few weeks.

Hoped to view it on DVD as soon as it was released.

I waited for many weeks on for that to happen and as of yet. No release and not even on the listings for release.

Finally I got a chance to view it on the website with a hope that I can barely see the film.

I can see why for several reasons the movie is not viewed. Not a great film however, it does show what we have in office and why the world is so upside down as a reault of this man in our office.

How his father covered up everything that he did wrong. Drinking, lude conduct and bad problems all the way around.

Glad to see the moments drawing soon that his last days in office are about to happen. Hope NEVER again in History does anyone from the Bush family ever come into power again and You know I bet it is his father that pulled the film out and off. Sure glad I got to see it though.

If anyone wishes to see it view it on line. Worth watching a bit blurry but worth it.

It makes me wonder why we do not have an IQ test for the man in that power to be able to apply for that position as President? I highly doubt if Bush Jr. would have ever passed the test. From what I hear he is the ONLY one to write himself in as a great President regardless of what we feel towards him lack of knowledge abitity and accomplishments or mishaps. Not to mention his making the press not write teh real truth about him. He is the worst President we ever had and I bet ever will have.

The fact that he was in jail over braws also should have stopped him from running. His dad covered that up too.

Sorry Mr. Simkins but for me this is a relief to say how I feel towards this man who did the damage he did to this country and to the world.

I do blame him for the bad ecomony On that issue, I might be wrong but I doubt it.

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