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Now that you can get multi cd's of shows, ie watch an entire years 24, or the west wing in about the time it takes the time to watch 4-6 dvd's 24 hours or so (a bit of sleep here and ther just to taste what the populace has been consuming in such and such a year) (which btw when combined with a rigorous committment to a principle of not watching, reading or listening to (eccept by accident) any media apart from what one has some control over like dvd's and forums like this (no I seldom follow links)drop out) one turn on and tune in to a pattern in societal behaviour that doesn't at times coincide with ones own experience. Thus one deals with the world as it is, not as someone else might have one see it.

An interesting counterpoint to this appears to be Life on Mars, a british who knows what (to me brilliant comedy and something deeply empathic). So what's going on here? A segment of humanity is given significant sums and very creative personnell to say what? One of the few that uses satchmos wonderful world (in a couple of episodes (last I remember was good morning vietnam)....

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