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Australia won't intervene as woman held in Kuwait for emir 'insult'

Evan Burton

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Australia will not intervene in the case of a Sydney woman held in a Kuwait jail after her family clashed with immigration officials.

The woman, Nasrah Alshamery, 43, has spent the past three weeks in jail and is being investigated for allegedly insulting Kuwait's ruling emir, even though her daughter said she did not even know his name.

But the Foreign Minister, Stephen Smith, said today that Australians travelling overseas should remember they are bound by the laws of the country they are visiting.

He said Australian consular officials were assisting the three Australian citizens involved in the fracas at Kuwait airport last month.

Mr Smith said legal advice was being provided to the family members but that he would not personally intervene.

"At this stage it is being dealt with at an official level," he said.

"Australians need to comply with the laws of the country they are visiting ... [but] there's always a limit to the assistance we can provide."


I wonder to what extent 'help' is being provided?

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