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MLK Day 2008

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Martin Luther King Day 2008 is different and special than previous MLK Days because it falls on the eve of the inaguration of the first black president of the USA.

As a national holiday, many people get a day off from work, and are particpating in a day of community service, led by President-elect Obama, who visited soldiers at Walter Reed military hospital.

In this spirit, I challenge people to take the time today to write a letter, or send an email to their Representatives in Congress, in both the House and the Senate, and ask them to take seriously the issues of Political Assassination, Open Government, Open Records, Accountablity and Oversight.


While everyone has a pet peve and personal issue they will be advocating the new administration act on, from war and peace, and the middle east to abortion, those who recognize political assassination as one of the most significant issues of our times must let that be known to those who occupy responsible positions in the US government.

It was because the assassination of President Kennedy was not officially and legally resolved that RFK and MLK were allowed to be assassinated, and because all three remain unresolved, assassination remains the most serious threat to the President today.

Adele write a letter to the President to express her beliefs as a witness, victim and survivor of the assassination of President Kennedy, risking her life with her words.

You can do the same. Write to President elect Obama, your Congressman, or if you are not a citizen of USA, you can still write to the President or to the Congressmen on the House Reform and Oversight Committee to request them to hold the mandated hearings on the proposed MLK Act, the JFK Act and secret records and open government in general.

Happy MLK Day, and take the time to go out of your way to at least try to make a difference.


Bill Kelly

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