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Craig Lamson, Tim Gratz and Barack Obama

John Simkin

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We have not heard much from Craig and Tim since Barack Obama was elected. I suppose they are waiting for a few months before arguing how he has caused the economic recession. :)

Any comments on what he has done so far? I would have thought this one would have upset Tim.


The strongest critiques of President Obama so far have come from the radical left - Dick Gregory and Nat Hentoff.

Hentoff recently wrote an article very critical of some of Obama's cabinet choices, while the mayor of Trenton (Captiol of New Jersey) got into an argument with Dick Gregory at the Inaguration, after Gregory was reportedly badmouthing Obama.

Then radio goon Rush Limbaugh lamblasted Obama for his Executive Orders, on Presidential Papers and Guantamano, without having read them of course.

If you read the book Coup d'etat - A Practical Handbook - which explains the means and methods necessary for taking over a government - the first order of business after the success of the coup is to get the economy going in order to ensure the endurance of new administration. If Obama can jump start the economy, then anything is possible.


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I'm looking forward to Obama's explanation of wanting to put a Raytheon lobbyist in the number two spot at the Pentagon, in spite of his own new rules about lobbyists in the government. This "selection" virtually shouts that the MIC is in charge. "Change"?

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The only good thing I can say about Obama is that he is not Bush.

But only time will tell how controlled he is by his masters. If he should

start thinking he is really in charge it will be a repeat of 1963, but this

time accompanied by martial law.


This is an interesting position to take because no-one can ever prove you wrong.

Obama does things we don't like?

- See? I told you! His masters are pulling the strings.

Obama does excellent job?

- His masters allowed him to do this.

Regardless of what happens, you can "explain" it and it never requires any proof at all.

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We have not heard much from Craig and Tim since Barack Obama was elected. I suppose they are waiting for a few months before arguing how he has caused the economic recession. :blink:

Any comments on what he has done so far? I would have thought this one would have upset Tim.


This is an unprovoked shot across the bow, John.

I mean, really, why would you attack someone who isn't even posting?

I wish Obama well, at least until or unless he starts trying to get "common sense gun laws" passed.

And I agree with some of what Peter, Jack and Ron are saying, but I am also taking a wait and see posture.

The Democrats pretty much own control in D.C. right now, and, as a result, they have the opportunity to lead.

But, money chases (and usually catches) power and then you see politicians compromising on the principles on which they campaigned.

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Guest Tom Scully

IMO, although democrats are corrupt, compliant tools of republicans, republicans are so extremely corrupt and positioned in their own alternate world with it's own language....an example; they've mostly all trained themselves to call the opposition, the "democrat" party, and it's "fascist lite", right wing extermism, that even with his flawed, center-right orientation, Obama cannot be worse than this:



New Book on Pryor Celebrates a Wonderful Life

Man of Many Talents, Powerful Friends

By Anne W. Semmes

Updated: 12/26/2008 06:49:48 PM EST


Karl C. Rove: If anything, Make it Happen underplays Sam Pryor's role in the 1940 Republican Convention and nomination of Wendell Willkie. Pryor was the pivot on what so much turned in those quick and important months.

President George H.W. Bush: "I have read every word of Make It Happen and got an enormous kick out of it."


Mystery Man: William Rhodes Davis, Nazi Agent of Influence‎ - Page 152

by Dale Harrington - History - 1999 - 276 pages

“Pryor telephoned Wilkie from Davis’s home and told him of the oilman’s willingness to pay for the Lewis broadcast. Wilkie wanted to immediately meet this mysterious man who would make an offer of such dimensions. Pryor used his private plane to fly Davis to meet with Wilkie, who was then at his home in Rushville, Indiana. After Davis repeated his offer to Wilkie in person, the Republican nominee pointed to the contribution limits of the federal election law and suggested that the money be given to various Wilkie clubs to maintain the legalities. Davis concluded the meeting by reiterating to Wilkie his offer to carry the cost of a nationwide radio speech by his friend John L. Lewis, who would publicly endorse Wilkie...

...Wilkie’s willingness to take Davis’s money puts a tarnish on Wilkie’s incorruptible image both because of Davis’s known

Nazi connections and Wilkie’s early public insistence that the federal campaign finance laws be adhered to in the spirit as

well as the letter of the law. When Wilkie was later asked if he was aware of Davis’s contributions to the Republican Party, Wilkie lied and said he never knew about these funds. These questionable actions show that Wilkie, like many politicians, was more interested in winning than in the morality of what he had to do to win.”...

In 1974, when Mr. Lindbergh was dying of cancer, he returned from treatment in New York to die in Hana. He and Mr. Pryor are buried yards apart in simple...


.....Then, in an anguished attempt to reconcile her husband's politics with her Smith College humanism, she made a terrible mistake: ''The Wave of the Future.'' In less than 100 pages of murky and illogical prose she tells the world that we must let Fascism take its course and learn to live with it, if necessary. In other words, do what she did. Submit.

The book's negative reception pained and humiliated her. She was considered as bad as her husband -- anti-Semitic, egomaniacal, a tool of the Nazis. What made the situation so much worse was that she didn't believe what she had written. She had done it all for Charles. Well, she never would again. ......

Charles Lindbergh Discussion Center: Why was Anne not buried with ...

Busy George HW Bush....rooming at Phillips Academy Andover, MA with Lee Oswald's future best friend, George de Mohrenschildt's future business partner, brother Dimitri's stepson, Edward G. Hooker, then serving in Hooker's wedding party, and finally, escorting the late Edward G. Hooker's daughter, (Dmitri's step grand-daughter) down the aisle on the occasion of her marriage into a sugar plantation owning family.....



Link to display of handwritten, Sept. 5, 1976 letter from DEMOHRENSCHILDT to DCI Bush:



The Last Investigation

by Gaeton Fonzi

Publisher: Mary Ferrell Foundation Press

Bush had indeed met de Mohrenschildt, and had the man's nephew for a roommate at Andover. See also a draft reply with attachments, and Bush's reply to de Mohrenschildt of 28 Sep 1976.



Director of Central Intelligence

I do know this man DeMohrenschildt.

I first met him in the early 40's. He was

an uncle of my Andover roommate.

He got involved in some controversial

dealings in Haiti.

The he surfaced when Oswald shot to

prominence. He knew Oswald before the

assassination of Pres. Kennedy.

I don't recall his role in all this.

At one time he had/or spent plenty of


I have not heard from him for many years until

the attached letter came in.

GB 9-17

George HW Bush's "Andover roommate was Edward Hooker. Hooker explained to Warren Commission investigators that he was partnered in the oil business with the man whose brother had married his mother, George DeMohrenschildt, known to the Warren Commission as "Lee Harvey Oswald's best friend" during 1963, in Dallas:


Here is the 1964 transcript of the longtime lawyer of one of Obama's two early Chicago multi-billionaire presidential race backers, planted as a counsel

on the Warren Commission, interviewing Oswald's best friend, DeMohrenschildt on his realtionship with George GHW Bush's old roommate and close friend, Ed Hooker:

Testimony Of George S. De Mohrenschildt

I worked very often in my office in Dallas, instead of Abilene, and continued my partnership with Ed Hooker. But there developed a tremendous animosity ...



MRS. W.C.H.HOOKER HAS HOME WEDDING; Russian Orthodox Ceremony Unites Her to Dimitri S. von Mohrenschildt.

January 20, 1937, Wednesday

The marriage of Mrs. Winifred Cartwright Holhan Hooker, daughter of Mrs. Francis Holhan of 950 Park Avenue, to Dimitri Sergius von Mohrenschildt took place yesterday afternoon at the home of the bride's mother.


David Berns

May 24, 1946, Friday

Section: Amusements, Page 13, 318 words

The marriage of Miss Marion Therese Butler, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Bryant Butler of Riverdale, to Edward Gordon Hooker, son of Mrs. Dimitri S. de Mohrenachildt of New York and of Roland Mather Hooker of Miami Beach, Fla., took place yesterday morning in the rectory of St. Patrick's Cathedral.


MARION T. BUTLER BECOMES A BRIDE; She Is Wed to Edward Gordon Hooker,... - New York Times - May 24, 1946

... to Edward Gordon Hooker, son of Mrs. Dimitri S. de Mohrenachildt of New York ... The ushers were George Herbert Walker Bush of Greenwich, Conn. and John ...


EDWARD G. HOOKER, EX-STOCKBROKER, 43 - New York Times - Mar 30, 1967

Edward Gordon Hooker, a stockbroker formerly with E.F. Hutton Co., died yesterday in his home at 1160 Park Avenue, apparently of a heart attack. ...



New York Times - Mar 30, 1967

Beloved husband of Marian (Bub by) Hooker, loving father of Mergarlt C. end Suzanne B., devoted son of Wlnifred Carfwright Hooker end the lele Roland Mather Hooker..


Miss Suzanne B. Hooker Married to Ames Braga - New York Times - Sep 14, 1973

... a daughter of Mrs. Edward-Gordon Hooker of New York and the late Mr. Hooker, ... The bridegroom s parents are Mr. and Mrs. B . Rionda Braga of Alpine, ...

With his old Andover roommate the step-nephew and business partner of Lee Oswald's best friend, deceased six years by 1973, guess who gives the late Ed Hooker's daughter away, at the altar at her wedding ceremony?:


Miss Suzanne B. Hooker Married to Ames Braga - New York Times - Sep 14, 1973

George H. W. Bush, chair of the Republican National Committee, escorted the bride, who-had her sister, Mrs. Alberto Mejia, as matron of honor and Miss Susan ...

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