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"Lamp Post Alignment for Dummies"

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Although there remains a few things to be fully resolved as regards the full understanding of the "Bond" postiion, those would be best left under that topic.

Since the Lamp Post alignment is an essential element of this understanding, and others have gone

around in many circles related to the lamp post, perhaps, if Chris has no qualms, perhaps he will again post his photo

with appropriate markings as to exactly where the original lamp post was located, in order that

some semblance of intelligent conversation can emanate around this topic.

P.S. Chris: If you post it, please mark up a "professional" looking copy which shows the expansion joint location directly adjacent to the old lamp base location, as opposed to that hand scribble job that I sent you.


P.P.S. Hope you like the topic title Robin!

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It would appear that the modern day lamp-post position would give us the Bond true LOS.

While the original lamp-post position would give us Muchmore's true LOS.

Or, very close.


If only we had those original Bond photos.


Being the epiphany of "Doubting Thomas's", I personally find it just a little to convenient to accept as pure coincidence

that the movement/relocation of the lamp post back onto the grass slope coincidentally now gives an alignment exactly with

the "BOND" photographs, while the newer lamp post across the street creates additional confusion to anyone who is

attempting to make sense of the "Lamp Post" game.

Perhaps I am just tooooo suspicious as a result of the manipulations which are actually known to date on the part of Specter; Shaneyfelt; & Company.

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