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Charles Leffingwell Bartlett & Russ Baker's "Family of Secrets"

Guest Tom Scully

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Guest Tom Scully

After learning more, recently,(thank you, Russ Baker !) about the relationship of George HW Bush's school roommate and close friend, to George de Mohrenschildt and his brother, Dimitri, I looked further into the background of Edward Gordon Hooker, and I found who the best man was at Hooker's wedding:


… T. BUTLER BECOMES A BRIDE; She Is Wed to Edward Gordon...

- New York Times - May 24, 1946

S. . Willets Meyer of New York was best man. The ushers were George Herbert Walker Bush of Greenwich, ... Mrs. Edward Gordon Hooker David Berns. David Berns.

Hooker's best man, S. Willets Meyer, was the first cousin of the future head of covert activity at CIA, Cord Meyer, Jr.:

David F. Bartlett was an usher, along with S. Willets Meyer, in the wedding party of S. Willet's first cousin, and Cord's brother, William B. Meyer:


MANBASSBT-BRE; Has 9 Attendants at Marriage to William B....

- New York Times - Dec 19, 1948

The usher were Cord Meyer Jr., another brother; Willetts Meyer. cousin of the bridegroom; David F. Bartlett of Hobo Sound, Fla.; Robert Watts of Mount Kisco ...

David F. Bartlett's wedding is described in books, and in accounts by his brother, Charles Leffingwell Bartlett, as the occasion where Charles first attempted to introduce two of his friends to each other, JFK and Jacqueline Bouvier:


Gladys Pulitzer and David F. Bartlett Wed at Oyster Bay

Pay-Per-View - Chicago Tribune - ProQuest Archiver - Jun 28, 1949

David Frost Bartlett and his bride, formerly Gladys Munn Pulitzer, granddaughter of late publisher, Joseph Pulitzer, married yesterday in garden of Pulitzer ...

Charles and his wife, Josephine Martha, were not successful in bringing JFK and Jackie together until a year later, at a small dinner party they hosted for that purpose.

In 1953, at the wedding of JFK and Jackie, both Charles and his wife Martha were included in the wedding party.

In December, 1960, Charles stood in for Jackie's absent brother-in-law and godfather, at the christening of John Jr., while Martha was John Jr.'s godmother.


Now Or Then? - Page xiv

by George DeForest Lord - Non-Classifiable - 2007 - 92 pages

....The protest I did participate in carried no threat of harm. In response to Nixon's unlawful invasion of Cambodia by American and South Vietnamese troops, I joined thousands of students and faculty from Yale and other colleges to protest the President's action by calling on our elected officials in Washington. I had called Charles Bartlett, a distinguished reporter and an old friend, to see if he could lunch at the Federal City Club, but he was too busy reporting to take the time.

What he did do was to get another old friend, Cord Meyer, to meet me. Cord then was a hawk in the CIA. He arrived at the Club in a Plymouth painted matte black with a black driver in a black uniform, thus maintaining what might be called an ostentatious incognito. During lunch Cord's beeper summoned him repeatedly to the telephone, and I cannot remember anything we talked about. Since Cord and Charlie later collaborated on a nationally syndicated column, perhaps the lunch arrangement was not a joke of his.

....What especially puzzles me is the way the events of the 1960s dominate my consciousness today, as if the events of....the deaths of Martin Luther king, John F. Kennedy, and Robert Kennedy had all happened yesterday. I find myself grieving for the Great Society launched by LBJ and sabotaged by his covert but steadily increasing commitment to the anti-communist crusade in Southeast Asia. I grieve also for brilliant friends who supported the crusade, many of them products of Yale and Skull and Bones...


The Bushes: Portrait of a Dynasty? - Page 205


by Peter Schweizer, Rochelle Schweizer, Inc ebrary - Politicians - 2005 - 574 pages


columnist Charles Bartlett.

Bartlett lived in Georgetown near Pres(cott)and Dottie (Bush) and had won a Pulitzer Prize

in 1956 for a series of articles on corruption at the Department of Defense. Pres,

who was on the Senate Armed Services Committee at the time, had been a source,

and the two had been friends ever since.

Bartlett has received a tip that Treasury Secretary David Kennedy was....


George Bush: The Unauthorized Biography? - Page 215

by Webster Griffin Tarpley, Anton Chaitkin, Marianna Wertz - Biography & Autobiography - 1992 - 659 pages

...The word among Nixon's inner circle of this period was "The Boss is in love," and the object of his affections was Big Jawn. Nixon claimed that he was not happy with the stature of his current cabinet, telling his domestic policy advisor John Ehrlichmann in the fall of 1970 that "Every cabinet should have at least one potential President in it. Mine doesn't." Nixon had tried to recruit leading Democrats before, asking Senator Henry Jackson to be Secretary of Defense and offering the post of United Nations Ambassador to Hubert Humphrey.

Within hours after the polls had closed in the Texas Senate race, Bush received

a call from Charles Bartlett, a Washington columnist who was part of the Prescott Bush network.

Bartlett tipped Bush to the fact that Treasury Secretary David Kennedy was

leaving, and urged him to make a grab for the job. Bush called Nixon and put in his request.

After that, he waited by the telephone. But it soon became clear that Nixon was about to recruit John Connally and with

him perhaps, the important Texas electoral votes in 1972.

Charles L. Bartlett had won the Pulitzer by obtaining and publishing letters and photos related to Air Force Secretary Talbott's business

relations with Mulligan Engineering. Talbott had disclosed upon taking the Air Force job, that he wpuld continue to work as a consultant

for Mulligan for a $60,000 annual fee, but a senate committee investigation leaked the evidence to Bartlett that Talbott was allegedly helping

Mulligan obtain work from the US Air Force.

Talbott seems to have had a history in the small elite Jupiter Island community, mentioned in articles with Bartlett's parents, and

Talbott died on Jupiter, two years after his resignation. The question is why did Jupiter Island residents Prescott Bush and Charles Bartlett

go after Talbott? Jupiter Island is too small for the three not to have known each other, long before 1955...... IMO.



- New York Times - May 8, 1956

The prize for national reporting went to Charles L. Bartlett of The Chattanooga Times for early spadework on the business interests of Harold Talbott, ...


PALM BEACH SCENE OF DINNER PARTIES; Large Sweepstakes Event at ...

At one table was a Hobe Sound group including Mr. and Mrs. Valentine C. Bartlett and ... Mrs. Grower Loening and Mrs. Harold E. Talbot, and Mr. I Loening. ...

March 9, 1939


TALBOTT, 68, DIES; HEADED AIR FORCE; Resigned Under Fire in 1955 Over Conflict of Interests

Special to The New York Times.

March 3, 1957, Sunday

Page 1, 915 words

PALM BEACH, Fla., March 2 --Harold E. Talbott, former Secretary of the Air Force, died here today of a cerebral hemorrhage at the estate of Mrs. Harry Payne Bingham. His age was 68.




Published: January 23, 2005

BINGHAM--Harry Payne, Jr. 92 years old, died on Tuesday, January 18, 2005 in Palm Beach. He was a seasonal resident of Florida since infancy. Born in Cleveland, Ohio he was a grandson of Charles William Bingham, an early settler of Palm Beach. A long-term resident of Jupiter Island, he more recently moved to the Watermark in West Palm Beach..


BARTLETT FUNERAL SET; Chicago Business Leader Found Shot in Florida...

- New York Times - Feb 12, 1953

11 -Private family funeral services for Valentine Crouse Bartlett, 59 years old, who was found shot in his Jupiter Island home Tuesday morning, ... Related web pages

Palm Beach Host to List of Notables

Pay-Per-View - Chicago Tribune - ProQuest Archiver - Mar 22, 1953

Announced here is the sale of the Valentine C. Bartlett prop- erty on Jupiter island to C. Doug- las Dillon, newly appointed United States ambassador to ...


Open Line to the White House

Pay-Per-View - Los Angeles Times - ProQuest Archiver - Dec 26, 1962

C h a r I e s Leffingwell Bartlett, the n e w s m a n whose name ... New York Times - when his family occupied a win- ter home a( to the Sulzberger family, ...


Morning Herald, The (Hagerstown, Maryland) on 12 26, 1962 Newspaper...

Subscription - Morning Herald - Ancestry.com - Dec 26, 1962

THE MORNING HERALD, Hagerstown, Md. Washington Merry Go Round By Drew Pearson WASHINGTON Charles Lef- Bartlett, the newsman lines when he co authored the ...


American Dynasty: Aristocracy, Fortune, and the Politics of Deceit in the ...? - Page 179

by Kevin P. Phillips - History - 2004 - 397 pages

... president of Remington Arms, whose firm was queried by the Nye committee

about ... as company publications boasted, Remington produced 69 percent of all.....


Bullitt Is Guest In Palm Beach; US Ambassador to France Is Honored at...

- New York Times - Mar 24, 1940

... William H. Harkness, Mr. and Mrs. William G. Lord, Mr: and Mrs. Stephen Sanford, Mr. and Mrs. Valentine C. Bartlett and Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Verner Reed. ...

PALM BEACH CLUB GREETS MEMBERS; Old Guard Society of Golfers Will...

- New York Times - Nov 27, 1935

Joseph Verner Reed of Greenwich, Conn., and Mr. and Ars. Valentine C. Bartlett of Lake Forest, Ill., have opened their homes at Hobe Sound. ...

Much more info on Mrs. (Permelia) Joseph Verner Reed's father and brother can be found here:

Samuel F. Pryor & Son, by Sam Pryor III


Thinking out loud....anybody else wonder if the entire, Prescott Bush driven, Pulitzer prize scenario might have been an orchestration to provide cover as a journalist for former ONI WWII officer and son of Jupiter Island, Charles L. Bartlett. After selling her two homes on Jupiter, a month after her hussband's sudden death in one of them in 1953, Charles' mother, Mrs. Valentine Bartlett, traveled abroad, then returned, and built a new dwelling on Jupiter Island......

Charles seems to still be living, he was born in 1921. An experienced interviewer should quickly pick up the ball here, and talk to him while there still is an opportunity to do it.

Edited by Tom Scully
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Guest Tom Scully

If Russ Baker is right about GHW Bush and his prior knowledge and/or participation in the events of Nov., 22, 1963,

we seem to be dealing with some pretty cold blooded people, and a truly clueless, or brutally traitorous JFK best friend, Charles L. Bartlett:


However, George knew exactly what job he wanted: Ambassador to the United Nations.

Family friend Charley Bartlett had suggested it once, and after much thought, George

decided it was where he could serve the President and the country best. He discussed

it with White House chief of Staff Bob Haldeman abd many others, but not directly with

President Nixon....


Barbara Bush: A Memoir - Google Books Result

by Barbara Bush - 1995 - Biography & Autobiography - 608 pages

Once a week in the early morning, I played tennis with Meredith Hornet, Milly Dent, ... I also played with Barbara MacGregor, Joanne Kemp, Martha Bartlett, ...


All the Best, George Bush

By George H W Bush

Page 133

...This idea originally was the idea of Charles Bartlett,* a great friend of mine.

*Charles Bartlett was a Pulitzer Prize--winning journalist, savvy in Washington ways.

He had been a close friend of John F. Kennedy's and was at my side in Washington through

good times and bad.

Mr. Charles Bartlett August 8, 1978

Washington D.C.

Dear Charley:

....The "tough enough" theme is getting fed by some of the adversaries. It

does not bother me; I've had tough jobs, made tough decisions, and emerged

with the respect of people whom I worked for and whom I led.

We're putting together some material for interested feature writers, based

on interviews with people I work with in various jobs. This material will be

emphasizing tough decisions, leadership, etc. Down the line it can be

extraordinarily helpful...

I continue to travel. Here is a copy of our fall schedule. Please keep it confidential.

There is a helluva lot happening. I am not discouraged. Indeed, I believe I can pull it

off, Charley; we'll see.

Sincerely yours,

George Bush.


I had nominated Senator John Tower to be secretary of defense....he was more than qualified for the job and Congress is usually kind to its own. I could not have been more wrong. He was getting hammered, mainly as a result of rumors about his personal life. I wrote my friend Charley Bartlett:

Honorable Charles L. Bartlett February 21, 1989

Washington, D.C. 20036

Dear Charley,

Thanks for your most encouraging and supportive letter of February 11. I

am going to stand with Tower all the way, and I am confident he will make it.

I have never seen such a campaign of innuendo, vicious rumor, and gossip in

my entire life...I am not considering alternatives.

Warm regards,



The Bushes: Portrait of a Dynasty‎ - Page 205

by Peter Schweizer, Rochelle Schweizer, Inc ebrary - Politicians - 2005 - 574 pages

Bartlett lived in Georgetown near Pres and Dottie and had won a Pulitzer Prize

in 1956 for a series of articles on corruption at the Department of Defense.

Pres, who was on the Senate Armed Services Committee at the time, had been a source,

and the two had been friends ever since. ...

Edited by Tom Scully
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from Tom Scully

PALM BEACH CLUB GREETS MEMBERS; Old Guard Society of Golfers Will...

- New York Times - Nov 27, 1935

Joseph Verner Reed of Greenwich, Conn., and Mr. and Mrs. Valentine C. Bartlett of Lake Forest, Ill., have opened their homes at Hobe Sound. ...

Much more info on Mrs. (Permelia) Joseph Verner Reed's father and brother can be found here:

Samuel F. Pryor & Son, by Sam Pryor III http://educationforu...showtopic=13975

The Chase Bank has also had a strong connection to the World Bank, as three presidents (John J. McCloy, Eugene R. Black, Sr. and George Woods) all worked at Chase before taking up positions at the international bank. A fourth president, James D. Wolfensohn, is also closely associated with Rockefeller, serving as a director of the Rockefeller Foundation, amongst other family-created institutions.[15] Rockefeller has also for many years hosted annual luncheons at the family's Westchester County Pocantico estate for the world's finance ministers and central bank governors, following the annual Washington meetings of the World Bank and International Monetary Fund.[16] These luncheons were held at the Playhouse. These regular meetings were also attended by the other internationalist in the family, John D. Rockefeller III, until his death in 1978. It was through a recommendation from the World Bank's Eugene Black that Rockefeller gained a crucial executive assistant, Joseph Verner Reed, Jr., from the beginning of his Chase chairmanship; Reed had been an assistant to Black at the World Bank and had worked with Black when he was a Chase director, rising to become a Vice President. Reed was subsequently to become a crucial emissary for Rockefeller in the admittance of the Shah of Iran into the United States, amongst other duties. Later, in 1987, Reed became Under Secretary General for Political Affairs at the United Nations, a pivotal senior position that is traditionally given to the United States, thus becoming the top-ranking American in the United Nations Secretariat.[17]



http://archive2.jfkl...H-CLB-01-TR.pdf (From Charles Bartlett's oral history transcript)

At that point I hadn't really enormously admired Dillon as a member of the Eisenhower [Dwight D. Eisenhower] Administration. He always seemed to me rather stiff. I mean I didn't know of his internal workings, which there's no question he's a very able man. But as a personality, he seemed to me rather stiff. So I wasn't enthusiastic about it, but I didn't have any strong feeling against him.

Bartlett fails to say he was a neighbor of the Dillons at Hobe Sound.


from Drew Pearson, 12/26/62:

Bartlett got his job with the Chattanooga Times — which is owned by The New York Times — when his family occupied a winter home adjacent to the Sulzberger family, publishers of the Times, in Palm Beach. Charlie is also the protege of Arthur Krock, long-time Washington bureau chief of the New York Times who, incidentally, helped push young John F. Kennedy on his way to literary fame.

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