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Perhaps this is not the ideal place to post this, but it is certainly in the same universe.......

The ZRRIFLE Project is certainly the most well known of all the ZR Prefix programs, but

ZRGRACE is also an important one as well. Regarding the NSA Defectors Martin and Mitchell

I will post the document free of commentary, but will try to make the point that if the assassination of JFK

has a distinctive aura of conspiracy, there is one area that supplements that belief and that is the

communications network, if you are open to this idea, then the NSA should have a special place in your


Keywords: SIGINT, COMINT, Cryptography, encrypted communications, Honolulu Conference,

backchannel, Air Force One Transmissions, Wayside, Nuclear Satchel, Atsugi. White House Communications Agency.

ZRGRACE - TOKYO ASPECT September 9, 1960

RIF#: 104-10176-10020 (09/09/60) CIA#: 80T01357A


Page 2

MEMORANDUM FOR: Chief, FI/Division D


George Peris aka George PERISTEROPOLOUS aka

George Paris, Identified contact of VALENTIN HAHN

aka Valentine Vasiliyevich Khan aka Won-shin-Hahn

Self-Confessed Soviet Agent

1. Following information was made available to the writer by MESSRS. CARRICO and SAYLE of OS/SRS from the Security file on

Valentin HAHN. The information herein reported was provided by oral brief-

ing only, and the writer was not permitted to review the HAHN file itself.

Following details are therefore based entirely on notes taken during the meeting,

which took place in CARRICO's office on 6 September.

2. Valentin HAHN who was born as Valentine Vasiliyevich KHAN on

22 April 1908, Slavyanka, Russia and who is a Russian of Korean origin,

admitted in the course of a Polygraph examination, administered on an

unspecified date that he had acted as an agent in behalf of the Soviets. HAHN

advised he has been in the employ of CIA since approximately 1952, originally in Seoul,

Korea, later in Tokyo, Japan, subsequently transferred to Okinawa.

He was terminated on an unspecified date as a contract agent for the SR Division

and currently is or has been resettled in Hakkaido, where he has been given a job as a translator with the FBI's listening post at Sapporo, Hakkaido, Japan.

During the debriefing which accompanied the Polygraph examination,

HAHN advised that during his service in Tokyo, Japan his closest associates had been the

following individuals in the order listed

a. Arseniy YANKOVSKY and wife

b. [ 03 ] CIA Staff employee of [ 13-3 ] who has been terminated on unknown date. He was identified as a

Japanese Intelligence agent.

c. John Mc COY and wife - Mc COY was or still is an employee of

SR Division, still in Japan

Page 3

d. Vadim MEDISH - CIA contract Agent in employ of SR Division

stationed in [13-3] in process of being terminated as a former NKVD agent, a former Abwehr agent

and subsequent agent activity in behalf of the Soviets

while in DP camps.

e. Kasua KANAZAWA, cousin of Valentin HAHN; at one time was proposed for operational use by the Agency.

f. Charlotte BERGHOLTZ, Close friend of Anastasia Snow nee


g. Golli-Grigorevna and Marguerita PODSTAVINA. PODSTAVINA

is the Godmother of Arseniy YANKOVSKIY.

h. Nicholas Anatoli GEROFF - Old staff employee of SR Division in [13-3] under [ 32] cover. Former FBI


i. George PARIS (Spelling as picked up originally by the Office Security in written report of polygraph examination and therefore likely phonetic) - Greek businessman in Tokyo.

3. In the course of further debriefing in connection with his Polygraph Test, HAHN claimed that George PERIS, or PARIS was the individual who had introduced HAHN to a club in Tokyo, located off the Ginza, the name of which club when translated into English is "Tommorrow Is Too Late," at this club HAHN met a Japanese hostess by the name of Noriku AWAJI whose real name was later established to be Noriku MATSUZAKAYA, whom he subsequently dated. There is no further information currently available on the Japanese hostess. In the interim HAHN has obtained a divorced from his wife who had been a witting participant in his agent activities for the Soviets and is known currently to be living in a common-law relationship with a Japanese girl who may be identical with Noriku MATSUZAKAYA. HAHN and his current mistress are currently living in Hakkaido, Japan.

4. The ex-wife of Valentin HAHN whose full name is not known to the writer, and the two HAHN sons,

are currently being sponsored for resettlement by the Agency in the United States, where all three

are scheduled to recieve their U.S. citizenship under CIA sponsorship

5. With reference to the "Tommorrow Is Too Late" club, HAHN stated that a number of CIA Staff Employees of the [13-3] frequent or have frequented this establishment

and have dated the Japanese hostesses employed

Page 4

there. Date of HAHN's introduction to the Club and to Noriku MATSUZAKAYA by George PARIS aka George PERIS was estimated by Mr. Sayle to have been somewhere between 1954 and 1957. With regard to Valentin HAHN's own inclination toward sharing his knowledge of romance with others, Mr Sayle advised that Security Office had established that while employed as a contract agent of the [13-3], Hahn had pimped for CIA staff personnel in Japan.

6. As attachment herewith, the writer appends additional background data on the intelligence activities and contacts of Valentin HAHN, and family as noted during the oral briefing by Sayles.

7. On the basis of the above, it can be safely assumed that the George PERIS known to HAHN is identical to George PERISTEROPOLOUS aka George Peris, well known Tokyo businessman and Honorary Deputy Consul of the Royal Greek Consulate in Yokahoma, Japan, as reported in SCTOKY-63 and SCTOKY64. It is noteworthy that PERIS's contacts throughout his career, commencing with his initial reported employment in Tientsin, China, activities and contacts in Shanghai, China and later in Tokyo not excluding his marriage to

Aurelia CZERWINSKA, have been exclusively with individuals of Russian or Eastern European background, many of them of Russian-Jewish background, who are either highly suspect or have been identified as longtime agents of Soviet intelligence. PERIS' reported route of arrival in Tokyo, via Harbin, Tientsin and Shanghai, as well as his employment by Sondravich brothers and contacts with individuals who tie-in with the Boris SOLOMINIK complex and Borsol Fur Trading Corporation smacks strongly of the Comintern Apparat of the 20's and 30's. Also it parallels the travel patterns of a number of individuals involved in the SOBLE case, principally the SOBLES themselves who were exfiltrated from the Soviet Union via Tokyo Japan to the U.S.A., and who most notably of all, also were under cover of operating a Bristle business as is Sondravich brothers.

8. According to earlier reporting in the ZRGRACE investigation, George Peris is alleged to have been in contact with William Hamilton MARTIN in Tokyo and to have offered MARTIN some type of job or business partnership in connection with the rug business.

9. Mr. Carrico informally indicated that he personally suspects that MARTIN's introduction to the fine art of masochistic torture by an unidentified Japanese female, as reported by Mrs. Ardelle Gasda, former FBI agent may have been affected at, or through his patronage of the "Tommorrow Is Too Late," club, to which he may well have been taken or introduced by his friend PERIS. This possibility however is subject to further investigation

10. As initial follow-up to [ 22 ] 63 and [ 22 ] 64.....outgoing cable of 7 September 1960 requesting further checkout of the Club, etc., was prepared.

Page 6

A second cable to be sent via Privacy Link to Seoul, Korea has also been drafted, and requests checks of PERIS' arrival, activities and contacts, departure from Korea subsequent to 28,

January 1960. This cable has been presented separately for your approval and may likely be subject to revision, wherefore no copy is attached. It is further suggested that Office of Security be authorized to pass to NSA Security Officials, working on this case the information on PERIS [22] relayed in above cables such information to be properly sterilized of course,

including dates of service at each, to which MARTIN and MITCHELL were detailed, also detailed leave records, travel records and other pertinent background data, contained in such files to cover the entire period of their respective service with the U.S.Navy. It is also suggested that NSA officials be requested to obtain similarly detailed original reports in duplicate from the Department of the Army to persons the period of Martin's civilian employment in Japan which may be reflected in official records. One copy of all such reports are requested for this Agency, to permit further checking of known or newly identified contacts he may have had in Japan.



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