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US. Intelligence goals

Harry J.Dean

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Do we remember, when arrested Oswald told his family member{s}

" Don't believe the so called evidence" they are piling up.

It is so that Oswald, up to his own terrible end, kept "the" secret, with

the expectation of being cleared.

US. Itelligence was confronted with the "urgency" to smash the power

gaining subversive, continent-wide Communist front called The Fair Play

For Cuba Committee. His continued silence was vital to that operation

in which he was involved.

Oswald's so-called mysterious connections, arrest and soon death

destroyed the targets eg; Castro's aims for all Latin America and the

connected, increasing continental power of The Fair Play For Cuba

Communist front.

The silent Oswald, in life, and by his unexpected death had accomplished

what the US. invasion of {Cuba}, or US. Intelligence, without such citizen

soldiers could not.

This is the coverup, by earth, and infamy as Oswald {by his death}

continues to serve national security.

Note, from my own involvements in the exact deadly trenches.


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