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AIG REDUX (AIG IN THE NEWS/modification 2006 post)

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Go to part I ,CHAPTER VII pg. 19 of DALLAS Conspiracy by PD Scott. With further background you know CV Starr (via WWII operation X -using re-insurance (thats re) info to gain intell on AXIS factories) connects to US intell/OSS . Starr (via his US LIFE-op X ) became part of far EAST transnational protected drug operations (via RUPPERT INFO). Binns (US LIFE & CROWN Corp.) connects via W.S. Youngman to Corcoran. The Strenght of the Wolf Book Book shows there was a Tawain USA heroin connection since the 1930s. This would be a US Life -Lansky connection. US Life became AIG. When you read Strength of Wolf book -keep in mind Zeckendorf had Tawian/US trucking connections.THis implies Zeckendorf part of Taiwan-Heroin connection. Zeckendorf NO lawyers were the same as the FREE PORT Sulfur and there was a board member of Zeckendorf's NO company that also worked for TSBD Byrd. The TSBD per Spiders Web post was part of a older and deeper conspiracy than Dallas = which explains why some of the first comments on where the shots were fired from TSBD people was the GK.

Zeckendorf provided land for MURCHISON/ROCKEFFELLER land deal that PD SCOTT said was assassination related. The company that produced limited partnership shares for said land deal was CIA/OSS/Dulles connected Glore Forgan. The TEAMSTERS provided money for said deal via (WEBB & KNAPP) in a losing fashion..........$$$ in a losing fashion.................its almost like the mob paid MURCHISON/CIA/ROCKEFELLER axis for hit . Yes everyone has it backwards,the MOB gave money for elites to do the hit !!!!!!++++++today US LIFE mostly became part of AIG re-insurance giant. (SEE LINDA MINOR/Ruppert WORK ON AIG)


The NO 1963 law firm of Zeckendorf and Freeport Sulfur was very,very British/Globalist (see client list re firm in 62,63,64 -some examples ++ Mosbacher (CHAIRMAN NAFTA 1000 and GHWB friend),British American Petroleum, Atlantic-Richfield (British Kirby family). THis law firm even today may be part of British intell-American Mafia -Drug operations...even today !!! Freeport was connected by PROBE magazine to one Clay Shaw.

The employee of Byrd's (and Zeckendorf board member) John R. Stanley also sat on MOB connected Wallace investments - which was -headed by none other than LOCKE of LOCKE-PURNELL deciding Parade Route HDQ.

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