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I would think they both could have taken reconstruction photos from the same sniper's nest.

Or, were they at odds in regards to shooting location, back in Nov 63?









Mr. BALL. Does that show the position of the boxes before or after they were

Mr. STUDEBAKER. That's after they were dusted - there's fingerprint dust on every box.

Mr. BALL. And they were not in that position then when you first saw them?


Mr. BALL. Now, take a look at it and tell me where were they with reference to the left window sill, were there boxes over close to the left window sill or in the center, or close to the right of the window sill?

Mr. STUDEBAKER. Where is your other picture - and I will show you? See this box right here - this box?

Mr. BALL. We are referring now to the box shown in Exhibit B.

Mr. STUDEBAKER. That's one of these Rolling Readers there in Exhibit B, you can read it right here - it's upside down. It says, "Second Rolling Readers."

Mr. BALL. That says 10.

Mr. STUDEBAKER. No; it says Second; that's that little Rolling Reader - it says "Second Rolling Readers". They don't go by this up there, they go by this

right here, this little print. Now, this box was turned over on its side and you see the tape right here, the way it is wrapped around - that was laying in the window like this on the top box.

Mr. BALL. "In the window like this," you mean as shown on Exhibit B?

Mr. STUDEBAKER. It is Exhibit B.

Mr. BALL. It was on the window ledge?

Mr. STUDEBAKER. It was on the window ledge, just like it is right there, and then this other box was beside it, and this box was turned up on end.

Mr. BALL. Now, the Rolling Readers box, which is shown in the "X" circle Exhibit E, where was that with reference to the window sill itself?

Mr. STUDEBAKER. Sitting right on the sill.






I just looked straight up ahead of me which would have been looking at the School Book Depository and I noticed two Negro men in a window straining to see directly above them, and my eyes followed right on up to the window above them and I saw the rifle, or what looked like a rifle approximately half of weapon, I guess I saw. and just looked at it, it was drawn fairly slowly back into the building

Mr. SPECTER - What is your estimate of how many inches of the rifle that you observed?

Mr. JACKSON - I saw the barrel and about half - well, I did not see a telescopic sight, but I did see part of the stock, so I guess maybe 8 or 10 inches of the stock maybe. I did see part of the stock, I did not see the sight.

Mr. SPECTER - Eight or ten inches of the stock, and how much of the barrel would you estimate?

Mr. JACKSON - I guess possibly a foot.

Therein lies a "partial answer" to your question. Provided of course that you know how to play the old "Shell Game".


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