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A message from Bob Vernon

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For those who do not understand immediately: The subject of this message is Retired FBI agent Zack Shelton



For Immediate Release

San Francisco, California

In one of the most startling discoveries since the public execution of

President John F. Kennedy in Dallas, Texas on November 22, 1963,

entertainment producer Robert G. Vernon of California has uncovered clear,

credible evidence that an active FBI agent (prior to the agent’s retirement)

created and nurtured a hoax to cover up the past discrepancies of former FBI

agents and FBI Directors in the death of United States President John F.


Vernon issued a formal written complaint to the Texas Board of Public Safety

and to the United States Department of Justice with regard to his findings

on August 24, 2004. In the complaint, Vernon provides documentation and

factual information regarding the hoax which, according to Vernon, began in

approximately 1980 and has continued for almost a quarter of a century into


“I became interested in the JFK assassination right after I was involved in

busting Rev. Jimmy Swaggart in 1987. My interest came from my video taping

a debate between former New Orleans District attorney Jim Garrison and mob

lawyer Melvin Belli, both now deceased, in 1987. When I first became truly

involved in the JFK assassination research community in 1992, I was provided

with certain information which originated from the FBI agent. I was

extremely skeptical of this information because of the source, but as I

continued to look into the situation, I discovered that it could well be

plausible. For over 12 years, I actually felt that the info and evidence

may have some merit. I have recently discovered clear proof and evidence

that my original skepticism was warranted and that the FBI agent created and

perpetrated this absolutely incredible hoax. Where he made his biggest

mistake is that he never thought I could ever get my hands on the one

official FBI document that proves the hoax started with him. He was wrong.

I have that document. And that is not the only mistake he made and that’s

just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the evidence I now have in my

possession. I have made my position clear in my formal written complaint,”

says Vernon.

Robert G. Vernon started production in August of 2004 on a special

investigative report television program which shows how this hoax was

created and developed by the FBI agent. This special report is called “JFK

HOAXES” and will be made available to worldwide television broadcasters and

distributors in November of 2004.

Vernon’s formal complaint will be made available to law enforcement

officials at the Federal level and to law enforcement officials of the State

of Texas at their request and with presentation and verification of their

credentials by Vernon and his legal counsel.

Robert G. Vernon will also provide a copy of his formal complaint to network

broadcast news departments and to the Associated Press at their request and

with presentation and verification of their credentials by Vernon and his

legal counsel.

CONTACT: Robert G. Vernon 925.218.1956 Email:


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To all readers:

I have watched with amazement the unfolding of a bizarre history: that of Mr. Robert Vernon,and his dealings with Mr. Willem Dankbaar.

In many ways, I feel I have a unique perspective, because I knew nothing whatsoever about Mr. Vernon for a long time, and then suddenly was subjected to a rude experience concerning him, which forced me to actually look the man up and try to figure out who he was.

Shortly after I came home from a hospital in Dallas, Texas, suffering from a brain concussion that left me with eye, neck and back problems and chronic headaches, with a doctor's order to rest (but I had to teach, or lose my job!), Mr. Vernon called me and announced that he expected me to travel to New Orleans to take a polygraph test IMMEDIATELY.

He scarcely introduced himself, was busy yelling at other people from time to time while speaking to me, paying little attention to what I had to say to him. I did gather that, if I passed the test, he would be so kind as to film my testimony for a documentary he was making about James Files.

He added that he was not really interested in me at all, and that he really had little faith in my story, but was calling anyway at the behest of Mr. Dankbaar, who had insisted that my story was worth something. Mr. Vernon said this in such a dismissive manner that I nearly hung up on him. It was obvious that Mr. Vernon felt it was a waste of his time to even take these few moments to speak to me.

Mr. Vernon said he had agreed to take time out from his hectic schedule editing film already shot, which he said was taking 22 hours a day of his time, with only 2 hours of sleep a day, and therefore, I should not be a big baby and say I couldn't come simply because I had just got out of the hospital!

I told him I would think it over, but that I would never submit to just one polygraph test: Sixty Minutes told me never to do so, as they had just done a special on polygraph test failures.

In fact, my doctor told me that he would not allow me to travel to New Orleans.

I called Mr. Vernon back, but he was unavailable. Shortly after that, he called me, and said he'd like to talk to me for a few minutes to check out my story.

I spoke with him about twenty minutes, with a couple of interruptions, and then Mr. Vernon stopped me right when I explained that Lee and I used to ride the St. Charles streetcar. He began to quizz me about what I remembered about the route. I described it in one direction but told him I thought it turned around onto another street in the other direction, but had never ridden the streetcar that way-- only back to town, or from town back to this point where I first had a room (lived there only four days, and was ejected during a police raid on May 4 early am, 1963).

Mr. Vernon suddenly declared that he did not believe I had EVER lived in New Orleans when I could not remember the name of an important street on the route, and where it went after passing my house (going AWAY from town--a direction I never did go!) -- this being a place where I had lived only a few days, moving later to Marengo St. after getting evicted (Lee helped me move, as Robert was out of town)... I just could NOT remember where the streetcar went! He thought that was impossible.

I later sent him several emails trying to re-describe what I told him and trying to show him that some of what I remembered could have been easily forgotten by me.

Mr. Vernon much later announced that he was certain I was a fraud because I could not describe the STREETS of New Orleans properly. He EXTENDED the streetcar route to STREETS in general. This was a grievous exaggeration.

He NEVER saw any of my paycheck stubs, letters from my husband, W-2 form, streetcar tickets, and bank statements and checks for rent that prove I DID live there. It is true I easily get lost and nobody should use me for a guide ANYwhere! I once got lost at my own high school after some temporary buildings were erected there over the weekend, blocking my view of the whole campus. Yes, sadly, true.

Mr. Vernon was angry when Mr. Dankbaar advised Zack Shelton to come interview me after Dankbaar got a good look, along with Jim Marrs, of a stack of notebooks full of evidence and files and photos and newspaper articles which I had collected mostly in 1963 or just before and after.

Vernon announced to Shelton I was a fraud, based on his assessment that I had never lived in New Orleans, but Mr. Shelton decided to make the trip anyway, without telling Mr. Vernon. He had a mind of his own and was not going to blindly accept Mr. Vernon's assessment. That was an act of integrity.

Though he was very busy with other events that weekend in Dallas, Mr. Shelton did take about two hours to look at the evidence --insufficient time to come to any conclusions about my testimony, as it is complex-- but sufficient time to learn that I could back up any statement I made with evidence.

In short, Mr. Shelton did take significant time to review some of my evidence, asked good questions, and focused on what I had to tell him. He promised to spend more time later going over the materials. Since then, I have sent him some evidence files supporting my testimony.

Mr. Vernon never spoke to me again. He was angry at Shelton when he leqrned that this former FBI man took time away from HIS film production to come see me.

By now, I refused to be in Mr. Vernon's film under any circumstances.

Because of Mr. Dankbaar's investigating me, however, I did allow an oral history to be filmed by Mr. Dankbaar's talented Gary Beebe, a very decent fellow. I do trust Mr. Dankbaar, who has treated me in a straightforward manner, with fair use of that oral history.

Only later did I learn that the project Mr. Vernon was working on was NOT solely Mr. Vernon's film -- it turned out to be financed by Mr. Dankbaar to a great extent--- though Mr. Vernon represented, BOTH times he spoke to me, that the film was 100% his property and that if I consented to be filmed, my story would also belong to him, but would get full publicity and the attention of the world. I was less than interested.

I have never wanted anything but the truth to get out. I finally did consent to allow Mr. Nigel Turner to film, and he took 38 hours of oral history and some on-scene shots as well. He also took 55 hours' worth of notes, and then went to witnesses to verify what I had said. I commend his care. I now believe he worried that if evidence and witnesses were shown in the film The Love Affair, that their statements might have become the property of The History Channel (only guessing), He did protect my evidence and witnesses, decding simply to allow me to speak up and tell what happened, from the perspective of the get-Castro project in which I was peripherally involved.

I received nothing but lost wages for this, and it is all I ever wanted, just enough to make up for losing students I could not tutor while being filmed.

Mr. Vernon, in contrast, never evidenced any due care before jumping to his conclusions. Therefore, I doubt he is telling the truth when he states Mr. Shelton is corrupt. Had he been describing himself, that would be a different matter.

I am shocked and dismayed that Mr. Shelton should be so described after long and faithful service in the FBI, and after his careful and intelligent interview of myself.

I do attest that he decided NOT to take Mr. Vernon's word that I was a hoax --which was based on Mr. Vernon's less than twenty-five minutes' total conversation with me, most of it occupied with trying to get me to come to New Orleans, etc. with Mr. Vernon concluding I had never lived there -- the ONLY person EVER to jump to such a conclusion based on the flimsiest of things-- my inability to correctly describe part of a streetcar route I rode almost forty years earlier!

Mr. Vernon can go ahead and sue me if he thinks I've libeled him-- he has threatened to sue countless individuals -- but I assure you, Mr. Shelton DOES care about the case and DID try to treat me fairly.

Mr. Vernon is not an investigator of merit. He has described himself as a worldwide entertainment purveyor. However, I find his pronouncements less than entertaining, and if there is anyone in media who takes Mr. Vernon seriously, they will regret having done so.

I am sorry to have to speak out against anyone, and I apologize for writing such a long post. I do try not to post here too often, as I try not to bore anyone, but this time, I had to speak out.


Judyth Vary Baker

(knew and loved Lee Oswald)

I attach an envelope showing my address while living in New Orleans in 1963.

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You make only one error in this narrative, one you could not know probably: Vernon was aware that Zack Shelton traveled from Beaumont to Dallas to come and see your evidence. Vernon did not like it, but I told him up front that Zack was on his way.

As for the initial message of this thread, I believe the members here are smart enough to judge it on its merits as it is. That's why I posted it myself from another forum.


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