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Hello all, I am just wondering if anyone knows of any books on Interpen or of its members as I am sure some of them had something to do with the assassination, i think John Simkin is right in saying that these leads have not been researched enough into these various Cubans and organisations. I read on a previous post of a Cuban (Gonzalez i think) attending a sniper training programme in September. Also there are so many theories of who shot kennedy, we have mafia, Cubans, CIA men, LBJs men. Some people have Cubans in the daltex, mafia men behind fence and CIA/LBJ men in the TSBD but could all these groups have worked successfully together? I find it highly probable that just one of the groups would have been used to simplify matters, such as the Cubans under direction of the CIA (Hunt) as many of the people seen that day were believed to be dark skinned, also there were a group of Cubans near the pergola after the assassination and also the various people sighted along the motorcade route (Rip Robertson et al)

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John, there are lots of old newspaper articles, out of print magazine articles etc. Gordon Winslows WEB site on Cuban exiles also has some information on various Interpen associates.

Probably the books that would give you the most detail would be Bloody Treason by Twyman which contains the most extensive set of interviews given by Hemming himself as well as my book Someone Would Have Talked which as a good amount of information on associates as well as a follow on interview that Twyman did with Roy Hargraves. You would also find some good information in Deadly Secrets by Hinckle and Turner. In addition, JFK Lancer offers a CD on Hemming which has his conference address from several years ago and a good number of documents pertaining to him.

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You will find details of Interpen at:


This page provides links to biographies of Interpen members such as Gerry P. Hemming, Loran Hall, Roy Hargraves, William Seymour, Lawrence Howard, Steve Wilson, Howard K. Davis, Edwin Collins, James Arthur Lewis and Dennis Harber.

Also check-out James Richards' Photo-Archive on Interpen. This is the first time these pictures have been published.


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Larry I can't wait to get your book as I believe you have the right approach in going upon what people have said as not everybody can keep a secret.

Larry's Someone Would Have Talked is indeed the best up to date version of what happened. Another book worth reading is "Sons and Brothers" by Richard D. Mahoney. Although not directly about the assassination it includes a lot of information that helps us understand the motivation of the people involved.

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John, you might try Gordon Winslow's website:


Search for Interpen


Your keyword(s), Interpen, appeared on the following pages:

FOREIGNERS AIDING the CUBAN Cause - F-G (/doc_351-375/doc0357f.html)

FOREIGNERS AIDING the CUBAN Cause - H (/doc_351-375/doc0357h.html)

Master Researcher Directory 1999 Edition (/doc_051-075/doc0068.html)

No Name Key group, Tom Dunkin to Dick Billings (/doc_076-100/doc0090.html)

Gerald Patrick Hemming: Personal Background (/doc_126-150/doc0149.html)

Researcher Directory 2001 Edition (/doc_226-250/doc0236.html)

HSCA PHOTO BOOK - House Select Committee on Assassinations (/doc_226-250/doc0244.html)

Note: If you are using Netscape, you can refine your keyword search by chosing "find" from the button bar and finding your keyword on whichever of the above pages you call up.

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John, feel free to email me direct once you begin reading the book; I'll make sure you get the most current errata/news sheet version.

I think one of the most interesting things about the people that did talk, especially the "leaks" in advance of the assassination, is that it is possible to trace the leaks back to some very specific sources, which gives us a very good sense of direction back towards the origins of the conspiracy.

-- Larry

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