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Search for Gerry Hemming, or Jerry Hemming, Frank Sturgis, Roy Hargraves and NoName Key or No Name Key

on both alt.conspiracy.jfk as part of Google Groups and on this site. There should be a bunch of information there.

http://www.groups.google.com or http://www.groups.google.com

The recent confession of E. Howard Hunt indicates that both Frank Sturgis and E. Howard Hunt were involved

in the JFK hit and I know for a fact that both Roy Hargraves and Gerry Hemming knew a whole lot about the

plot and the plotters and they were either approached to be part of the plot or they actually were part of either

the Miami Plot or the Dallas Plot or both.

See http://www.rollingstone.com from 2007 for the article about Saint James Hunt, E. Howard's son.

Miami and South Florida were very important in the last 2 JFK plots.

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I have spent a fair amount of time on No Name Key (mostly eating hamburgers in the No Name Bar and watching the Key Deer (which are dog-sized deer)), and I had heard rumors about CIA activity there before getting interested in the JFK Assassination.

I can only imagine how primitive No Name Key was when Hemming, Roselli, et al. were there.

I have a hard time reading the article linked in Wade's post, because the print is so small.

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