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To avoid splitting the Shreveport, Lousiana thread:



It would be nice if somebody could put some markers on a map of all these towns in Louisiana so we could see where they are.


JD to expand on the idea. It would be interesting to have a 4 dimensional map too. say the location of persons on a map per every 12 or so hours from perhaps 1962 early to mid 1964 (or even 1960 to 1965) with, indexed according to color or and shape/character, each POI marked and then presented as a slow gif (that would be about 2100 frames to perhaps double (or more if extra frames are needed at particular instances (and added to over time) then one could have an interesting thing to look at for any patterns of interest and look at why did so and so etc all do that at that particular time, and eventually add another tool to the research)). I'd consider perhaps even a map/movie or whatever could cover a much larger area as well. One would also have to consider the patterns that should be there but are not, and so on.

I don't mean to turn this into a diversion, and I don't think it's worth starting another topic when there are so many excellent ones (IMO) going that need to stay on page one as long as possible, so I'll just succinctly state this growing conviction that what BK has proposed ties in with a concept that has been flickering in and out of my mind for some time. : A time dimension added to a mapping of persons of interest into a visual display of persons movements over time irrespectivelly of what theory they tie in to and proposed by whoever because that initself will reveal things while allowing EVEYONE to add persons and locations and perhaps someone will get it all right, and then a hyperlinked pdf to each movie frame where each persons logo or whatever that identifies them in this movement mapping so one can click on that logo and get the latest up to date confirmed report and descripion of events and one can then enter that event into the search function and find all others related to that and check event description, reconfigure the movie to highlight them and in this way, study one by one, without discrimination, all possible ideas.

I think, (in fact I'm bloody certain it can be done), that this is achievable, and could even be the very tool that on modern computers, a computer program, by instituting random word highlights track all sorts of patterns and apply various algorithms to this under simple logic formulae paradigms, will find the very solution everyone is so beautifully dedicated to, the solution.

Just click enter and wait... (well maybe)

but then again maybe the solution would be too much to cope with. As so many have stated in different ways over time and recently, a very important kernel in understanding and rectifying the difficulties we as world citizens face today is the Assassination of JFK. There was a definite before and after, and the after has been horriffic. A real concern is the stresses released by such a societal correction.

BK "I don't mean to turn this into a diversion... Just click enter and wait... (well maybe)

Social Networking -


JD Yes, William, a bit like that. It helps to understand the idea.

What I'm on about is having the dimension of time added.

Perhaps it could be a class project?

The programming would likely have to be in modules. Open Source is a good concept. Perhaps a project by many, and perhaps many of the modules already exist in various forms. It's possible that such a program already exists in some form and can be readily adapted.

When my brother and I were kids we used our fathers super8 to make a timelapse movie of a chess game we played and in viewing it, it was instructional. So I suppose it's the digitising of this process that I'm writing about here. It would simplify things as far as entering POI locations, when why etc and seeing (I'm personally much more into the visual than the written, hence a visualisation) patterns unfold without regards for exactly who is in the pattern but letting the patterns tell the story.

A move (like a phone call, a trip, an action etc) would set off a chain of events involving others and so on. The program itself would crunch the numbers and spit out the results in a visual format. Given it would have the time dimension it would be a movie, and given that movie is nothing more that a series of frames that are processable singly or in batch, new frames can be added, various persons, events highlighted according to the users parameters, or a kind of AI logic guide may itself do the job based on a database. "


add : Imagine a thorough program that crunches through massive amounts of permutations guided by a database and an acceptable set of rules, stick it in Big Blue, have a cuppa and then read/see the answer?

I don't think it's impossible. What may be inpossible is for it to happen.

Partly what is necessary is an omnipartisan aim : the truth and nothing but.

Therefore no exclusions, nor any pre judice guided input,


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