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Clustering Web Search Engines as Research Tools

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Some of you may be thinking that I either have some great contacts or that I am aware of more efficient Search Engines

and better Finding Aids than the average person. In particular, truth be known, I have discovered a few European based

free "Clustering Search Engines" which not only perform multi-site searches but then actually organize and "cluster"

comparable results together for ease of browsing and researching.

One of the best ones I have found was created by a Polish computer science major and is located at this site:


Since European Search Engines seem to be the ones that utilize this "clustering technology" most often you

might even find that you get a totally different Search Results profile than you would using MSN, Live Search, Google or Yahoo.

I have found that the results returned from Carrot2.org include almost 10-15% of their entries which do not always

show up on any one of the other major search engines. Since they also utilize "multi-threading" you will find that these

searches are submitted "in parallel" which means they forward your single keyword search string to multiple Search Engines

at once and then eliminate duplicated hits just before coalescing all results into an organized, and structured drill down

format. Enjoy. This should help you produce results in record time. Just like me. And hopefully it will accelerate your

progress toward JFK:The Final Solution.

Here is another pretty good one:

http://www.iBoogie.com which even allows you to customize or define your own sets of favorite search engines.

...more to follow

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