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Nick Prencipe's Statements with Footnotes from "SS-100-X" Chapter in CAR CRASH CULTURE

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USPP Motorcycle Officer Nick Prencipe states that he drove to the White

House Garage during the evening after having a conversation with the

driver, Bill Greer, at the West Executive entrance to the White House,

where Nick was stationed on November 22, 1963, in charge of assigning

escorts to different groups of people during a very busy evening. It

looked to Nick as if there were cocktail parties going on in the hulking

Executive Office Building across the street: in fact, LBJ's people were

gathering there, trying to decide if their meetings with the new president

would take place there or at the White House.

According to Nick, Greer was quite distressed that evening, "We really

missed you guys today," he said, mentioning one of the Dallas Police

Department Motorcycle Officers who wouldn't speed up. In this discussion,

Greer stated that there were "shots coming from every direction," adding

that "one of them came right through the windshield."[15]

Existing documentation so far places Greer at Bethesda during the

autopsy and embalming. There's a time conflict here that hasn't been

resolved. In addition, no other documentation to date confirms that

Greer discussed damage to the windshield with anyone, much less a shot

coming through it. The Zapruder film does show Greer and Kellerman

ducking after the fatal head shot, however, and Kellerman did

reference a "flurry of shots" in his Warren Commission testimony

(2H77), so there's a possibility that Nick has information that Greer

didn't feel comfortable communicating to higher authorities. As a

result, research is ongoing in this area.

Nick states that he walked into the White House Garage that evening

without being questioned, although he didn't recognize anyone there.

He stated that he didn't see any army presence or any guards around the

car. [16]

According to the White House garage log -- kept by the Secret Service

after the assassination, others were required to log in to see

Seargeant Aleskowitz of the US Army from Fort Meyesrs, VA; also, per

the SS duty roster, the automobiles were kept under guard until the

afternoon of November 23, 1963.

The limo was not in a bay along the side of the Garage but was sitting in

the center. Nick says he is familiar with both SS-100-X and SS-679-X, the

follow-up car, and is certain the car he was was the presidential

limousine. [17]

Documentation does show that SS-679-X was said to have been sequestered

and guarded along with 100X, but there is virtually no detailed

information about this mystery car, presenting another area for

further research.

The roof of the vehicle was up, and a tarp covered the

windows. Nick states that he walked over and lifted the tarp. He noticed

a hole in the windshield, low on the passenger side.

He saw no damage near the rearview mirror. [18]

Nick Prencipe, audiotaped interview with Pamela McElwain-Brown, March


How shall we weigh this report? Will it be substantiated or contradicted by the statements of two

men who had reason to be with SS-100-X that night -- the FBI agent who was

in charge of the forensic exam and a witness from the Ford Motor Company?

Analyzing the existing documentation of that evening, it appears that, if

Nick's recollections are accurate, he was in the Garage prior to the exams

that later took place on the vehicle around 9:00 p.m. pp.173-4

CAR CRASH CULTURE, Palgrave/MacMillan, 2001, Brottman, ed.

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