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Lobster and the Assassination of JFK

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Lobster was first published by Robin Ramsay in 1983. It investigates state espionage, government conspiracies, the abuse of governmental power, and the influence of the intelligence and security agencies on contemporary history and politics. Robin has always included the latest information on the JFK assassination. For example, the latest edition includes a review of Dick Russell’s On the Trail of the JFK Assassins and an article: The Assassinations of the Sixties. In the article Robin praises the work of this forum. “Meanwhile, on John Simkin’s excellent online forum there is a very good discussion of LBJ (conspicuously missing from “Farewell America) and his possible role in the assassination, chiefly by Simkin, with contributions by other members of the forum. Related to which is a typically careful look by Larry Hancock at part of the LBJ story, the claim by Billy Sol Estes that he has Cliff Carter, one of LBJ’s aides, on tape admitting his and LBJ’s involvement in a number of killings, including JFK’s.”



Unfortunately, Robin Ramsay has decided to bring the publication of Lobster to an end. He writes:

Producing Lobster has dominated my life for a long time now and I am just tired of doing it. A couple or three years ago I thought that there was still a big difference between hard copy and the Internet, that the Internet wasn't serious, with no ultimate legal requirement to get things accurate. But, in practice, as the documentation in the magazine shows, we get almost all our information from the Net these days and the distinction between the two media no longer seems so important. We know what are and are not serious websites. Essentially Lobster has been overtaken by technology. When hard copy was all there was, producing a little magazine, an alternative magazine, seemed a reasonable response to the state of the print media at the time. Now it doesn't.

And the supply of original material is declining. There is a lot of me in this issue because I had no other suitable copy. (But if I was a young writer would I think of writing for a magazine with a circulation of 1000 or would I put it on a website and be read by many more people?)

However, it is possible to get access to all 52 issues from here:



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