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Question for Jack – How can objects illuminated with multiple light sources produce single shadows?

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This is relevant of course to your converging shadows claim. To answer my own question this would presumably be possible with very carefully placed spot lights but this won’t help you out much because this:

1) wouldn’t produce an evenly lit ‘set’ and

2) would be impossible to do accidentally.

I predict (in order of likelihood) Jack will:

Not reply (40%)

Attack me rather than answer the question (30%)

Give some sort of evasive non-answer (20%)

Give a technical answer that will be shown to be faulty (9.95%)

Make a reasonable explanation (0.05%)

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Of course not. My best guess is that Jack now realizes that one of his most well known Apollo "studies" is completely baseless but doesn't have the courage to admit error. Doing so would be perlious because not only has he adamently insisted for years that it was valid but numerous other hoax believers have as well.

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