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I would be interested in the opinion of the photographic experts on the forum to take a look at this series of photographs.


Is it possible the last of these photographs is a fake?

John, I'm logged in but I'm not seeing the photos nor will the forum let me open them...sorry.

Andy has now arranged for them all to be made visiable. Do you agree that the last picture is a fake?

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still getting error messages when logged on

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I'm no expert, but I don't think you need to be one. Compare photos 5 and 9 and see that spectators don't move, and neither does the water. All shadows and the position of the truck in the water are identical in those two photographs. So I'd argue only the last picture is a fake.

... (later) ... sorry, when I posted this I couldn't see Duncan's attachment, which says it all.

Edited by Paul Baker
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Guest Tom Scully
I would say it is fake.

But why?

Two clues: people and water.


The water level, due to the tides, is most similar (lower tide) in photos no. 2 and no. 9, as are the number and positioning of vehicles in the vicinity,

and the approximate number of people in the scene are most similar. It seems likely that photo no. 9 is an altered version of photo no, 2.


There was no response to the fact that I identified the incident and it's location and posted a link to one of the photos before the photos

John posted became visible in the forum.

Edited by Tom Scully
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