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LRO images of Apollo landing sites available soon!

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Did NASA booboo in saying LUNAR MODULES were left on the moon?


In the interests of accuracy.

The section you've marked as the "Lunar Module" is called the "ascent stage". The section you've labelled "landing legs" is the "descent stage" (that's the part that is casting the shadow in the LRO pictures). Add the ascent stage and the descent stage together and you get the Lunar Module (or LM).

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I just saw the photos! WHAT A JOKE!

It is obvious that NASA made an egregious mistake. The show SHADOWS OF


THE LUNAR MODULES TO RETURN, otherwise they would still be on the moon!

This will not fool anyone except the public.

The modules (which they name on all photos) returned to the orbiter, allegedly.

Only thing left behind were the skinny base with pipe legs which would cast

miniscule shadows. What a gaffe!

They faked all previous photos. These seem to be faked also.


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Please remember: no remarks about research abilities. Also, the remarks above I considered to be offensive and have removed them.


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So, Jack - are you going to admit your error?

Nope - I didn't think so. Jack is repulsed by the thought that he is wrong, and therefore avoids ever admitting error. BTW - here is the latest image from the Apollo 14 site. Even better images will become available as the satellite settles into a lower orbit and passes over the Apollo landing sites. You can see the trails left by the astronauts footsteps and the Mobile Equipment Transporter, a 'cart' that was used only on the Apollo 14 mission:

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