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I'm not clear on the role Learning Outside School (LOS) was/is meant to serve. Does LOS mean home schooling, education support in juvenile institutions, or something else that is institutional and non-conducive to learning?

Perhaps LOS is more expansive and the concept might embrace the educator who doesn't fit neatly into the formal school system and who works with adult learners; these teachers(?) educators(?) facilitators(?) or ...? are sometimes just plain adult educators.

It should be noted that while adult educators may be identified in industry wearing a suit and sporting a tie they would probably be called trainers. Whereas adult educators who are under contract with the military might not wear a suit but would wear a tie. However, the fashion statement of a tie is not recommended for educators in either male or female prisons.

There is a distinguished history of educators in co-operative development, as in retail business: Rochdale; democracy with participation and even ownership. Co-operatives are not so fashionable now I find, although some readers may disagree strong enough to write and say why they believe that co-op ed. or any adult education programme is thriving.

Local governance courses continue to be important in remote areas of some countries as does political education whether the educators are up their hips in snow in the arctic, or sweating their buns off under the African sun the short or longer term courses are offered.

Home school, or adult education are of value. Learning Ouside School, or beyond school presents an opportunity to say why school works for some, often the relatively priviliged few, and why not (the) others.


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