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Ruby's apartment complex is burning

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I just got this (8/3/09) from a friend in Dallas:

The apartment complex where Jack Ruby lived at 223 South Ewing Avenue is burning and has just gone to the third alarm. 1:11 p.m. It sounds like there are more less just containing the fire and taking a defensive mode.

It apparently started in room 206 which was either Ruby's apartment or next door as I see one report stating he lived in 206 and another saying 207.

Steve Thomas

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Hi Steve:

Thanks for the information, another site going down to history......

The photo below,is of the Apartment Building where he resided,I now have no idea from whom I obtained such, but to whomever a thank you......

the fenced in area was the swimming pool which he used every day, it has been reported.....

The others are self explanatory, and one of Jack with Sheba....that we have heard about so often...and friend....

Take care......


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