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How many conspiracies can you fit on a page?

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I like this little bit:

The End of Criminal Slavery Is At Hand



I am here merely as a spokesperson of the Nebadon Council at the Galaxy Center, to inform you of consequences of your [NASA's] acts of violence namely:

* using space-based weapons and chemtrails to attack and destroy incoming ships indiscriminately.

* bombs and aggressions against the populace of Mars, your own Moon, Saturn and Jupiter;

* using biologicals against your own Asians and Blacks on your own world;

* using depleted uranium armaments in staged and serial wars against your own soldiers;

* using fluoride and chlorine against your own populations in human water systems;

* using polluted and genetically altered seeds and grains to destroy this planet's fertility;

* the methodical and premeditated pollution of oceans, skies, water tables and human families.

NASA is the kernel where the "Colonel" operates, hidden; however, he no longer matters. Enough is enough genocide, deceit, violence and slavery, for one small planet to endure.

This rebellion began when ONE Reptilian hybrid dared to undermine the Contract between two Parties, a couple vested in uplifting human DNA, and their Grantor, by the use of deceit and twisted words.

These final outcomes which to which we are witnesses are being done in the clear light of day due to the fact that leadership speaks one set of words, while they perform yet another agenda of over-control and exploitation.

It is the same conflict, now 200,000 years on. And the price at this point, is this planet's survival.

I will not burden you with how the people from other worlds--where there are no oceans, no mountains, no vistas, no parade of seasons, no wildlife, no space to move about--how they feel about Terra's leadership destroying this gorgeous planet out from under its peoples.

At this time, an Armada of 144,000 fully armed light and heavy cruisers has embarked on a course to this planet; and these will become visible north of the system's ecliptic around and about August 19th in the northern hemisphere.

That is the deadline for NASA's complete submission and confession of crimes against this solar system.

What will follow on, that confession received or not, will be the physical conquest of this planet by a number of Galactic races [infuriated by barbaric, mercenary and ruthless behavior of this planet's leadership] until Peace is restored -- one way or another. [believe me, the Galaxy's methods are NOT your methods. Ours work.]

Operating orders are to take out all Orion Constellation ships, Gray ships, and US/CIA/NASA ships and bring order to Washington D.C., the City of London and the City of Rome. It is presumed that China, Indo-China, Africa and India will be vested in negotiations also.

The English-speaking nations will be handled as a block, out of the recognition that the New World Order is derived out of the Round Table of London England, as such the center of the Fascist empire. [English-speaking negotiators of the Quaker ideology will be acceptable to the Galactic Council. No secular negotiators will be given to serve.]

Location for the trials and disembarking point for emissaries and ambassadors will be Tehran, Iran. Our hosts will be B'a'hais who are neutrals in such matters.

A Regency will be administered until war crimes trials are concluded for: serial wars profiteering by banking loan sharks; genocide against Blacks and Asians; depleted uranium recycling; oil-industry profiteering & pollution; destruction of the seas; bio-weapons research and development; and prosecuting for the families of the 911 false-flag attack against New York City, using diverse peoples as scapegoats.

Analysis of the Suspected 9-11 Criminal Co-conspirators :: Of the 103 people named on the list of Suspected 9-11 Criminal Coconspirators there are:

* 19 current or former members of George W. Bush's White House

* 4 current or former members of Congress

* 6 current or former FBI agents or officials

* 6 current or former CIA agents or officials

* 5 current or former officials of New York

* 10 current or former high-ranking USG military commanders

* 12 current or former USG officials (not included above)

* 11 current or former members of PNAC

* 12 consultants, lobbyists think tanks members (non-PNAC)

* 12 engineers

* 30 current or former corporate executives

* 3 senior "statesmen"

* 5 members of the Bush family

* 1 Canadian

* 1 Pakistani

* 2 Arabs ; 2 Brits;

* 4 known or suspected Mossad agents;

* 13 people who hold "dual citizenship" ); and

* 17 Israelis (including those with "dual citizenship" noted).

That case must be brought to trail, because it brings forward the extent of this, the perfidy and infamy of Annunaki Fascist ideology.

NASA has brought matters to this point by their procedure of incompetent tools, of utilizing inept cameras to view and film other worlds--cameras limited by poor resolution, flat perspective, dirth of color, "pitch, "roll" and "yaw" faults never corrected to make details clear and coherent.

NASA's insistence on the LIE that this planet is the ONLY inhabited planet in this system springs forth from the dogma and doctrine of Orion Annunaki secrecy and separatism, spawned and cultivated in the Fascist caste systems of the Illuminati mindset by the Project Paper Clip infusion of German Nazis into NASA and the CIA after WWII left Fascism in charge of ET intelligence.

Such egregious erroneous and misstatements of fact by NASA down through sixty years of space research leaves us the Galaxy aghast at the temerity of scientists who repudiate science en toto, in favor of dogma and lies.

NASA apparatus executives will be held accountable for the consequences and costs of aggressions against innocent and helpless populations by NASA bombs and excursions, including the Rover-caused avalanche at Victoria Crater which killed scores, the subsequent military incursions into Mars [unauthorized] and aggressions against Jupiter and Saturn, as if these are merely target points for NASA bombs.

The end of the scourge of Not-See Fascist Aggression is coming. By August 22 2009, it will all be over.

So be it.

Very sincerely.

Emily Cragg, temporary negotiator for Nebadon,

webmaster, www.abidemiracles.com

A lady who has NO link to reality at all! I can't wait to see what happens between 19 - 22 AUG. Let me guess - we'll be given a reprieve.

Dammit, I say NO! Listen Nebadon, we've put up with enough of your kind coming round here and talking big... NUKE ME, I say! Give it to me with all barrels, sunshine. No mercy! Terminate with extreme prejudice.

(maybe that will provoke them enough)

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I've seen that person post at GLP under the name Untypical User. She is known for taking photos of the Moon, running them through multiple photoshop processes, applying her overactive imagination and saying she sees people. Then based on the flawed premise that the Moon has thousands of people on it and they are visible in scopes from Earth that the Moon must be much smaller and closer than "NASA" tells us. Nevermind the fact that the size and distance to the Moon has been known for hundreds of years and can be figured out by anyone familiar with basic math. They're all in on it. Nevermind that nobody else can see these "people", they're all paid to discredit her. I wish I was joking.

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