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What Really Happened to JFK Jr.?

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What Really Happened to JFK Jr.

Now that Teddy Kennedy has died, a great American political dynasty that was a generations-long irritant to the far right has ended. But if JFK Jr. had not died in a tragic air accident, that would not be true.

Jim Marrs revisits that accident and asks some provocative questions. For example, who turned off the fuel supply to the engine? (It was found turned off in the remains of the plane.) Also, why, given that he had reported that he was on approach, did it take so long for rescuers to react to the fact that the plane didn't land?

And why was there ANOTHER crash that was so similar, right down to the mysteriously cut off fuel supply?

Listen to one of the great experts on the hidden history of our time as he explores the explosive reason why this great dynasty has ended--and why so many of its members were killed off.


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