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I joined this forum earlier this year and enjoy posting here. I was a classroom teacher of secondary English/Social Science/Special Needs for 30 years. I am also an active and ardent unionist and was elected to the fulltime, paid position of State President of our union (The Australian Education Union - Tasmanian Branch) at the beginning of this year. We're small compared with the UK (5500) members, but because we only have one national teachers' union which incorporates all education workers, including Principals, TAs, TAFE (like your old polytechs) as well as teachers, in every state, we are very strong with about 90% membership in most states. I'm particularly interested in comparative education, curriculum issues, special needs and teacher conditions and find this site a very useful source of international information.

I am English by birth - born in Huddersfield - and my partner (a Geordie) and I travel back to the UK regularly. We are dreadful Europhiles and love to visit France, Spain and Italy in paerticular.

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