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JFK Assassination Conspiracy Theories Redux

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Last night's show was great.

It was really interesting to see and hear all of the archival footage.

I plan to watch tonight's show as well.

John - I am sorry for starting this post when you had already opened a thread on this new topic.

While there is a lot of good news out takes that I have never seen before, and the newsmen speculate on possible conspiracy in some parts, the thought they leave you with - the people in DC applauded at the report Oswald was killed, and the newsmen's final thought was that Oswald deserved to die.

So they leave you with the idea Oswald did it and he deserved to die, just like the LNs and CTs who propose Castro/Mafia, eventually acknowledge there was a conspiracy behind the assassination, but JFK, after all, deserved to die.


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