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Guest Tom Scully

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Guest Tom Scully

Thank you, Tom. I'm trying. I think this it is unfortunate that this was posted, and that it is somewhat accurate.

I hope Craig's suggested action has resolved the issue.

You, of course, didn't notice any original thought, there were none. This forum hasn't produced too many original thoughts lately, instead we have the same argument retreads, the same deliberate misreading of posts, the condescending intellectual aloofness, the general lack of civility which has caused posters such as Lee Farley (who was bringing original thoughts to the forum) to leave. ....

The following post, the one before it in the Suite 8F thread, and the post above Tom's are the recent background for the following.

.....Joseph L. Ponce, a director of two of the corporations under the ownership/influence of William A. Shea, chief fixer, was probably brought into (Drexel) Morgan via his father-in-law, Thomas S. Gates, Jr., and was involved with Shea through Morgan.

But the most interesting thing about Joseph L. Ponce, himself, was that he was the best friend of Jesse T. Ellington, Jr.'s brother-in-law, Anthony Widmann.:


KEREN ELLINGTOH ! TO BE WgD AY; i O Stamford Girl Chooses...

New York Times - Apr 13, 1952

Miss Susan Widmann, sister oft the prospective bridegroom, willI be the maid of honor. ... 'Joseph L. Ponce of Baltimore will serve as best man. ... D.: T. and Jesse T. Ellingto!a Jr. { brothers of the bride-to-be, E.] Herbert England Jr. of Chicago;! ...(/quote)

Jesse "Tom" Ellington, eight years later.:


Advertising: Campaign Aims to Sell History; Freedomland...

New York Times - Jun 19, 1960

The combined publicity and advertising campaign was planned by a task force consisting of Tom Ellington and Ernest J. Byfield Jr. of Ellington, ...


Radio daily-television daily: Volume 86

No cover image

books.google.com 1959 - Snippet view

ELLINGTON & COMPANY has named three new vice presidents. Named were Ernest Byfield, Henry Covington and Franklyn Dyson, all account executives. Byfield has been with the agency three years. Covington eight years and Dyson two....

I don't think the triviality of the "Kevin Bacon" magic wand is enough to wave away the blizzard of coincidences surrounding Byfield, Jr., the Macomber Bros., and the Bush family. Celanese was about fibres, paper is about fibres, De Mohrenschildt's "cover," in his WC testimony, was about fibre; Kenaf, a plant uniting the interests of Braga, Jack Malone, and Joseph F. Dryer. Mr. Byfield married the ex-wife of Nazi enabler, hosted Patrick Hoy, somehow passed a security check enabling his mother to lease Glen Ora to JFK, and can be linked to both Macomber Bros. Oh yeah, and his second wife, an Italian countess, after Byfield's death, married Robert F. McNamara.


At 75, PR firm owner Byfield won't retire or slow down. (Ernie Byfield Jr.)

Article from: Amusement Business | July 23, 1990

When Ernie Byfield Jr. was a youngster, he hobnobbed with the likes of Guy Lombardo, Duke Ellington, Cab Calloway, the Dorsey Brothers, Gene Krupa, Phil Baker, Ethel Merman, and Eddie Cantor.

Later on he rubbed shoulders with the Barrymores, Gary Cooper, Cary Grant, Liza Minelli and Judy Garland. He was even an officer under Gen. George Patton during the Normandy invasion, and because Patton knew his uncle, was called in to meet the great commander in person.

Nevertheless, this Chicago native who now owns a public relations company in Middleburg, Va., says he has not led an interesting life. He would rather, he says very emphatically, see a story done on the big band era than on his accomplishments.

"The big band era was the most extraordinary period of music history that you've ever seen," the 75-year-old man said of the music which his father booked into the College Inn at the Sherman Hotel on Chicago's loop.

"Bands don't exist anymore as we knew them. There's no place to dance anymore, not cheek-to-cheek, like we did back then. The fox trot was the dance of that day. Those were great days of music!"

Byfield's father, Ernie Sr., owned the Sherman Hotel and the Ambassador in Chicago, both started by Grandfather Byfield. The youngster and his parents lived in a suite apartment at the Ambassador West, where many of the famous band leaders and movie stars came to visit Byfield Sr. as friends.

"You see, Jules Stern (who started Music Corp. of America) … ....

Ernest Byfield, Hotel Owner, Critically Ill

Pay-Per-View -

Chicago Tribune - Feb 10, 1950

His son, Ernest Jr., a New York city advertising man, was reported flying here from California. Another son, Hugh, resides in Chicago.

Advertising & Merchandising News

$3.95 -

New York Times - Dec 31, 1952

Ernest Byfield, Jr., to Kastor, Farrell, Chesley Clifford, Inc., on Friday as an account executive. James P. Dwyer, to William Jenkins Advertising, Philadelphia,

‎Advertising News

$3.95 -

New York Times - Apr 1, 1944

Accounts The plastic division of Celanese Corporation of America to Ivey Ellington, Inc. The National Paper Products Division of Crown-Zellerbach to Wortman, ...

Rice Quits TV Drama Unit In Rift on 'Subversives'

Pay-Per-View -

Christian Science Monitor - Nov 15, 1951

Socolow is counsel for Ellington & Co., Inc., the advertising agency representing the program sponsor, the Celanese Company of America. Mr. Socolow said llr. ...

Armored Car Is Tailored to Model

$3.95 -

New York Times - Aug 15, 1957

The latter is a triacetate fiber made by the Celanese Corporation of America. In earlier trade advertising, Ellington, Celanese's agency, had used an illustration ...

Lupton Sells Agency To Ellington Co.

Norwalk Hour - Jan 19, 1961

Ellington and Company serves a broad range of account Among them are Celanese, Well . ington Sears, Collins Aikman, Cabin Crafts, and White Stag; ...

Advertising: Airline Ads Taking to the Air

$3.95 -

New York Times - Apr 10, 1963

Having planned this considerable splash, Celanese and its agency, Ellington Co. , Inc., then decided to make a bigger one. They lined up more than one

Advertising: Donahue and Ellington Merge; Billings Top 100...

$3.95 -

New York Times - Nov 12, 1963

Donahue Coe handles the American Enka Corporation, a maker of yarns and fibers, while Ellington's biggest account is the Celanese Corpoi ation of America ..

Col. Fletcher Prouty:


....They called me in one day, because I had a Turkish passport. I was the only pilot who had a regular Turkish passport. My crew was selected for each flight -- they didn't need a passport because I had one -- at least for wartime, that sufficed. But I could go to Turkey without raising eyebrows, without having somebody observe it.

So they wanted me to go to Adana, Turkey -- go to certain restaurants and look to see if I saw any people that weren't Turks, or Germans, or whatever -- Americans -- just keep an eye on what was going on while I was having dinner, and that sort of thing. A very simple requirement, but it meant somebody had to go there to observe what was going on.

And sure enough, I did see some people who looked as though they were our military. I told the Army CIC officials in Cairo.

About a month later, this same Colonel Kraigher, whom I'd worked with so much, called me one day and said, "I want you to meet me at Shepheards Hotel." So I went down there in the afternoon and we sat on the veranda of the marvelous old Shepheards Hotel. (Unfortunately, it was destroyed in some riots later on, but it was just a grand old hotel -- and during WWII it was quite the social meeting place for the coming and going of the military traveling through Cairo.)

I met him there, and he said, "I want you to stay here with me and we'll just sit out on the veranda and watch what goes on." He said, "I expect that a taxicab (or maybe two) will pull up and certain people will get out of the cab; and if, by any chance, you see someone you saw in Turkey, just nod your head." He said, "On the veranda there are a number of CIC people and they'll do the rest. All you have to do is just nod your head."

We sat there and sipped our drinks for awhile and watched the crowds. Sure enough, up came a taxi and out of the cab popped an American in uniform. He was a man I had seen in Adana. I nodded my head, and immediately about ten CIC men got up, surrounded him, and off he went. I didn't see him again -- at least for awhile. He was tried for working with the Germans. It broke the whole gold-smuggling ring by trying him and finding out who the other people were, and it really was quite something. The CIC did a magnificent job; that ended it.

But what interested me was that the man they captured was a very famous Hollywood movie actor named Bruce Cabot -- a very close friend of Errol Flynn's. You know about the many allegations that Errol Flynn was closely connected with Nazis, and so on. I assume Cabot must have been, because he was in the gold-smuggling ring. Cabot's regular base for us -- he was the Air Transport Command Operations Officer in Tunis. He was a first lieutenant in the U.S. Air Force, and he was running our end of the gold-smuggling ring. He'd see that the gold got to Brazil labeled as "spare parts" or things like that. And then from Brazil it would get down to Argentina by other devices. It was an interesting little interlude in the wartime.


....By that time the drug trade was big business and continues to be supported by the military and the CIA with their drug importing allies.

The German story was about GOLD, not drugs. The Hitler SS troops ransacked Europe for gold and set up an ingenious smuggling line from Germany, through the Balkans, into Turkey and from there into the hands of American team-mates in Egupt and North Africa. That stolen Europena gold was shipped, as aircraft parts, etc. from Cairo to Dakar via our own Air Force, Air Transport Command, and from Dakar to Natal, Brazil. There the Germans had set up a connection to Argentina. It was an enormous gold ring.

One day while I was in Cairo, I received orders to visit our commanding general. he told me about the Gold Ring and of a chance to break it. He directed me to report to the Army Counter Intelligence folks. I had a regular passport for Turkey. They told me to fly to Adana, Turkey and visit restaurants and others gathering places there to see if by some hance I recognized some Americans.

I did that, and onenight as I was having dinner with my crewmen, we saw a man we knew well who was the ATC Operations Officer from Tunis. We slipped our quietly and flew right back to Cairo and I made my report to the General. A few days later an ATC Colonel asked me to meet him on the large street level veranda of the famous Shepherd's Hotel. When I got ther he said the place was loaded with American undercover agents. He told me to watch the taxis that unloaded to see if I recognized that Operations officer from Tunis. If I did I was to donothing more than to pick up my coffee cup and hold it higher than usual.

Shortly, a taxi stopped and I saw that same man. As I raised my cup the veranda exploded. There were at least ten agents there and they had their man right away. He was charged with the crime and convicted. Because of the war he was kept in Africa and transferred to the isolated, air base we used at Atar in the desert, just north of Dakar. He was held ther until the end of the war. Then I lost track of him as I was transferred to the Pacific.

This man who was the key cog in one of the world's greatest gold smuggling operations was none other than the Hollywood actor, Errol Flynn's best friend and an actor himself: Bruce Cabot.

The Drug flow continues and that is another story.


en Cuba

http://www.guije.com/public/bohemia/3630/cuba/index.html - Translate this page



in Cuba

This editorial begins on page 30

editing Bohemia, Cuba, July 23, 1944

Dr. Carl Ackerman, Dean of the School of Journalsim at Columbia University, New York..... :

....For over half an hour, the Charge d'Affaires of the "Caudillo" chatted with Professor Grau. Not a word was said to journalists on the long interview, granted over any hearing and as a diplomat Democrat, Paul Verstraaten, was third.

Pelayo Garcia Olay is famous for his activities on behalf of the Axis. In May 1943, Chiba authentic leader denounced his totalitarian work, revealing that he acted as leader of the Falange and that encouraged meetings between supporters of the enemy, allied to another notorious server Reich, Louis Cuneo Harrison. (Bohemia, March 12). One such meeting was held at the National Hotel in mid-December 1942, and was intended to "define the line would remain in Cuba, according to the plan laid out in Germany for the totalitarian penetration in this country."

Olay recently was in Mexico, under the pretext of attending to the health of his wife, in fact, to expand its Fifth Column task. The popular weekly "Time" under the title "Nazi Agent Olay" was referring to your trip:

-The stated purpose of Olay is to seek a permanent residence for his wife, White Russian totalitarian tendencies, whom doctors have prescribed altitude climates. All American countries have in their territory an environment of this species no-hold-Mexico relations with the dictator Franco. Olay chose to Mexico just as a healing agent stick the evils of his wife.

Bruce Cabot in Army

Pay-Per-View -

Hartford Courant - Dec 10, 1942

Bruce Cabot, screen star, was sworn into the Army here today and will be sent to Miami. Fla.. for Air Corps training. Cabot completed his physical examination ...

The Home Front

Pay-Per-View -

Los Angeles Times - Aug 10, 1943

TUNIS.--This is the second time I have gotten to Tunis trying to get to Sicily. ... Bruce Cabot, a sec- ond lieutenant In the opera- tions office of the Air Trans- port ...


Bruce Cabot In Africa .

Pittsburgh Press - Aug 15, 1943

14 Second Lt. Bruce Cabot, former motion pic ture star, has been serving as operations officer within the Air Transport Command in North Africa for the past ..


Remember Bruce Cabot, Ex-star He's Scratching Fleas And...

Lewiston Morning Tribune - Oct 10, 1943

Inside the operations room of the air transport command stands a tall, tanned ... right arm moves in a motion a million fighting men would recognize Bruce Cabot,


Berkeley Daily Gazette - Aug 10, 1944

film star Bruce Cabot, were questioned to-i day about the disappearance at a gay party of a 50000 emerald brooch belonging to Mrs. Valentina Asterman Garcia


Five Questioned In Missing Jewel .

St. Petersburg Times - Aug 10, 1944

MEXICO CITY— Five per sons, including Hollywood Film Star Bruce Cabot, ...connection with the disappearance here of a $50,000 emerald brooch belonging to Mrs. Valentina Asterman Garcia de Olay, wife of the Spanish Ambassador to Cuba. ....The persons who accompanied her Saturday night and early Sunday are being questioned . They are Cabot, who has here vacationing after having been mustered out of the U.S. Air Forces, J.R. Maclean, owner of a Dallas, Tex., aircraft factory, and Mr. and Mrs. Pedro Pinson of Mexico City.


The Washington Merry-co-round .

Free Lance-Star - Sep 21, 1946

Also mentioned as unwitting tools of the Nazi stooges are Senator Bennett Clark of Missouri (now Judge), ex-senator Gerald Bob Reynolds of North Carolina ...

Hot Report On Nazi Aides Pressure...‎ Spokane Daily Chronicle

… go-round .Justice Department Has...‎ St. Petersburg Times

… Merry-go-round ..Report On Stooges...‎ Oxnard Press-Courier

Nevada Daily Mail - Ludington Daily News

Buncombe Bob: The Life and Times of Robert Rice Reynolds.~(b...

$4.95 -

Journal of Southern History - Aug 1, 2002

When Robert Rice Reynolds died in 1963, his hometown newspaper noted that he ... resisting German aggression earned him accusations of being pro-Nazi. ...



$3.95 -

New York Times - Sep 21, 1946

20 (LIE>Mrs. Evalyn McLean Reynolds, wife of former Senator Robert Reynolds of North Carolina, and daughter of Mrs. Evalyn Walsh McLean, owner of the "Hope ...

Evalyn McLean Daughter Dies of Sleeping...‎ Los Angeles Times (Pay-Per-View)

Wife Of Former Senator Found Dead At...‎ St. Petersburg Times

Is Found .It Dead In Home .‎ Palm Beach Post

Senator Reynolds, 57, and Bride, 19, Start on Honeymoon in...

Pay-Per-View -

Daily Boston Globe - Oct 10, 1941

They were married at the young Robert Rice Reynolds, 51-year-old North Carolina Senator, today 19-year-old Evalyn Washington McLean, his fifth wife. ...


Wayne H. Bowen - 2000 - 250 pages - Google eBook - Preview

Accompanied by CIPETA President Pelayo Garcia Olay, the Naziphile intellectual Antonio Tovar, and other Falangist leaders while in Berlin, Serrano Suner declared "a heroic fraternity ...

Protestant digest: Volume 6, Issue 9; Volume 6, Issue 9

No cover image

books.google.comKenneth Leslie, Kenneth Leslie - 1945 - Snippet view

Saenz came to Mexico City directly from a Havana conference with Pelayo Garcia Olay, master-mind behind Falange. and Vatican intrigue in northern Latin America. But who are the enemies to be destroyed





John D. Macomber was with McKinsey for 19 years before becoming president of Celanese. His protege, Michael Ainslie, married Ed Hooker's daughter, Susan, after she divorced Rionda Braga's son, Ames. Soon after his appointment as Celanese Corp. president, Macomber hired Thomas Devine as Celanese comptroller and V.P., in the same year as Devine married, with Macomber's brother, William, as his best man. William was also the best man in the wedding of Bush's sister, Nancy. I discovered Nancy Bush Ellis's son's email address, and I wrote to him asking for his comments. I'll post an excerpt from my email to John Ellis.

Rionda Braga's first cousin and business partner, Placido Ervesun was married to Nina Osterman, the sister of Byfield's first wife, Valentina Osterman Garcia De Olay. Rionda Braga shared with Robert Kelberg of King Ranch, an executive, Michael JP "Jack" Malone, aka CIA's Ampatrin-1.


Five degrees of Kevin:

We can connect John D. Macomber with Kevin Bacon in five steps:

John D. Macomber → McKinsey & Company →

Harvey Golub → American Express Company →

Just Ask the Locals →

Many people have multiple paths to Kevin. If you know of a shorter one, send us a note.

Extended reach:

Among the most influential people in John D. Macomber's web of second-degree relationships:

George W. Bush

William H. Draper III


Celanese Forms 3-Man Top Office; Named a Director Summary...

$3.95 -

New York Times - Apr 25, 1973

Mr. Brooks said of Mr. Macomber that he had "worked with every division in the corporation for the last five years on a variety of problems. He is thoroughly He is thoroughly familiar with our operations and our people and Is regarded very much as a member of the |Celanese family. ....

Barbara H. Franklin

JO RKIlq DIES; CELANESE OFFICIAL; Vice Chairman of Board...

New York Times - Nov 27, 1948

John A Larkin, vice chairman of the board of the Celanese Corporation of America, died yesterday in his home at 119 East Eighty-first Street. His age was 57... son John A. Larkin Jr., was killed in action in Germany in 1945. He received posthumously i the Silver Star and his established a fund for a scholar-] ship at Phillips Exeter .

Mrs. Thomas Armstrong Dies; Led Vast King Ranch for Years

New York Times - Oct 24, 1969

King, Caprain King's daughter. She was christened Henrietta Rose. She was married in 1915:to John A. Larkin, who became vice president of the Celanese ..

Mrs. Thomas Armstrong Dies; Led Vast King Ranch for Years

‎ -

New York Times - Oct 24, 1969

Armstrong,, i who was chairman of the board : of directors of the King Ranch i ... Mrs. John Armstrong, Mrs. James H. Clement and Peter: ;Larkin, all of Kingsville; ...

(Peter was the son of John A. Larkin and Mrs. Thomas(Henrietta Kleberg Larkin) Armstrong. Peter's sister's husband was James Clement, who succeeded Bob Kleberg as manager of King Ranch.)

Peter Larkin Is Dead at 41, Major Holder in King Ranch

‎ -

New York Times - Nov 30, 1969

Peter Alexander Larkin, a major stockholder in the King Ranch, died yesterday at Roosevelt Hospital following an operation. He was 41 years old and lived in ..


King Ranch, Inc.

...Dick Kleberg died in 1955. His son, Dick, Jr., had been playing an increasingly important role in company affairs since the 1940s, and in 1969 he was named chairman of the King Ranch board of directors. By the early 1970s, King Ranch controlled about 11.5 million acres of land worldwide. In 1974 Bob Kleberg died after managing the company's operations for more than half a century. The Kleberg family's choice to replace him as president and chief executive officer of the company was James H. Clement, the husband of Ida Larkin, one of Richard King's great-granddaughters (and Robert Kleberg, Sr.'s, granddaughters). In choosing Clement to lead King Ranch into the next generation, the family passed over Robert Shelton, a vice-president and King relative who had been raised by Bob Kleberg. This snub, combined with legal haggling over oil payments to family members, led to Shelton's departure from the company a few years later.

During the 1970s, Clement began to feel that the company had become unwieldy, and he started selling off chunks of King Ranch's overseas real estate. In 1976 Clement hired W.B. Yarborough to take control of King Ranch's oil and gas business. Yarborough, an independent petroleum operator and former Humble Oil geologist--not to mention the husband of Richard Kleberg, Sr.'s, daughter Katherine--decided to take on the task on a part-time basis. Four years later he became the first president of King Ranch Oil and Gas, Inc., a new wholly owned subsidiary formed to handle all of King Ranch's petroleum affairs.

Dick Kleberg, Jr., died in 1979, and soon after that his son, Stephen "Tio" Kleberg, took over management of King Ranch South Texas, the company's core ranch operation. Under Tio Kleberg's guidance, the company continued to update its cattle, horse, and farming operations. More and more emphasis was placed on applying modern business principles to these tradition-bound endeavors. Meanwhile, as an outgrowth of the King Ranch Quarter Horse program, the company became involved in competition cutting--an arena event in which horses try to separate individual heifers from the herd--in the mid-1970s. Within a decade, through a combination of strategic horse purchases and the application of its fabulously successful breeding techniques, King Ranch had established a dynasty of champion cutting horses.

A management upheaval took place in 1987 when, within the span of half a year, Clement retired as president of King Ranch and Yarborough retired as president of the King Ranch Oil & Gas subsidiary. Clement was replaced by Kimberly-Clark CEO Darwin Smith, who became the first chief executive in company history with no familial ties to founder Richard King.

Celanese Corp. to Build New Chemical Plant Near Corpus...

Pay-Per-View -

Wall Street Journal - Nov 27, 1943

Celanese Corp. of America announced plans for the erection of a new plant near ... !n County, which is about midway between Corpus Christi and Kingsville. ...

The Dallas Morning News : Hurricane spares most South Texas...

$2.95 -

Dallas Morning News - Aug 24, 1999

Kingsville, a town of about 26000, was squarely in the hurricane's path. ... But the area's biggest private employer, a Celanese chemical plant, ...

According to wikipedia, Kingsville, TX. "enjoys" a 28 percent poverty rate, even with the proximity of King Ranch and Celanese operations.

The year 1944 is wrong in the following piece, but the rest is accurate. Thomas Armstrong married Henrietta Kleberg Larkin, widow of Celanese Vice-Chairman, John A. Larkin. Thomas Armstrong's brother, Tobin, was the spouse and father of the two women who invited Dick Cheney to "hunt".:


Antonio Express-News: Former King Ranch baron Armstrong,...

$2.95 -

San Antonio Express-News - Feb 21, 2003

In 1944, he married Henrietta Larkin, a great-granddaughter of Capt. Richard King. A son, Thomas T. Armstrong, also preceded him in death. Armstrong ... a brother, Tobin Armstrong of Armstrong, and a sister, Lucie C. Armstrong of Tarpley.


February 16, 2006

From Arrival to Errant Shot, a Timeline of Cheney's Hunting Accident


....Mr. Cheney took full responsibility for the accident on Wednesday, telling Fox News, "I'm the guy who pulled the trigger and shot my friend, and that's something I'll never forget." Others who were there provided the following account of events that weekend.

They had gathered from far afield, recalled the hostess, Katharine Armstrong, a Washington and Austin lobbyist and descendant of a Texas Ranger who migrated to South Texas in the 1880's. The ranger settled on land his family had bought in 1852 and founded a ranching empire that has feted presidents and princes.

This time the celebrity at the 50,000-acre Armstrong Ranch was Mr. Cheney, a regular visitor in quail season and a longtime friend, particularly to Ms. Armstrong's 78-year-old mother, Anne, a former counselor to President Gerald R. Ford and the first woman to serve as United States ambassador to Britain.

The other guests were Ms. Willeford, the ambassador to Switzerland and Liechtenstein, and her husband, George, a physician in Austin; Ben Love, a West Texas rancher whom Ms. Armstrong called her "beau"; her sister, Sarita Hixon, a Houston museum chairwoman, and her husband, Bob, an insurance executive; Nancy Negley, an art philanthropist whose family once controlled Brown & Root, now a part of Halliburton; and Mr. Whittington, a 78-year-old Austin lawyer, Republican stalwart and presiding officer of the Texas Funeral Service Commission, and his wife, Mercedes. .....

Edited by Tom Scully
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Guest Tom Scully


[PDF] Tentative of History of In/Exfiltrations into ... - Le Plan Sussex


File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat

Each of the 51 SUSSEX teams (29 OSSEX, 22 BRISSEX teams) comprised two military persons: an officer and a ...... P.Meunier, Lt William Macomber aka Mederic,


FRANCIS MILLER DIES; VIRGINIA POLITICIAN; He Opposed the Byrd Organization Two Decades Ago--Served On Eisenhower's Staff

New York Times - Aug 5, 1978

... he rose to the.rank of colonel and served on the staff of General of the Army Dwight D. Eisenhower after a stint with the Office of Strategic Services. ..

Am I getting, "warm"?


OSS against the Reich: the World War II diaries of Colonel David ... - Page 225

books.google.com David Kirkpatrick Este Bruce, Nelson D. Lankford - 1991 - 257 pages - Preview

Ernest L Byfield (b. 1914) served on the training staff for the Sussex operation.


Man from the valley: memoirs of a 20th-century Virginian

books.google.com Francis Pickens Miller - 1971 - 253 pages - Snippet view

...After some pulling and hauling I was assigned staff responsibility for planning, organizing, and mounting an operation called "Sussex."

The purpose of this operation was to gather strategic military intelligence through agents placed behind the enemy's lines prior to D-day and during subsequent operations. Strategic intelligence meant information regarding enemy ...

Nothing less than victory: the oral history of D-Day

books.google.com Russell Miller - 2000 - 512 pages - Snippet view

Colonel Francis P. Miller, OSS, head of Sussex Operation: I was assigned staff responsibility for planning, organizing and mounting an operation called 'Sussex'. The purpose of this operation was to gather strategic military ...

Sussex - Ossex - Brissex was a top secret and a relatively obscure operation commanded only by a Lt. Col., Francis Miller.

Isn't one of the most fascinating elements of JFK Assassination research the problem of the enduring lack of concrete details of the planning and execution of the two most high profile "hits" in U.S. history? Doesn't the much younger cousin of these two crimes, the delay in the release of the 52 American hostages held in the American Embassy in Tehran in 1980, also feature a "buttoned up" storyline?

I thought this was interesting and supportive of my point.:


The secret war against Hitler

books.google.com William J. Casey, William J. Casey - 1988 - 304 pages - Snippet view

We were standing in the Sussex operations room at 70 Grosvenor Street plotting yet another mission. ... We couldn't tell him, Francis Miller explained. It was forbidden. Remy accepted our refusal with as much good grace as he could ....


Shadow Army' .

The Age - Sep 23, 1948

There were special forma tions trained by Colonel Remy (who was Gen. de Gaulle' secret service chief during th war) and which numbers abou 6000 in Paris .

To the victors, went the spoils.... their legacy is that they've explained nothing, leaving themselves wide open....

George H.W. Bush's Eulogy for Gerald R. Ford - New York Times


Jan 2, 2007 – Long before he arrived in Washington, Gerald Ford's word was good. ... And the conspiracy theorists can say what they will, but the Warren Commission report will always have the final definitive say on this tragic matter. Why? Because Jerry Ford put his name on it and Jerry Ford's word was always good.

The word of the only unelected U.S. president was always good!


William A. Shea, 84, Dies; The Lawyer Behind the Mets


Published: October 04, 1991

....At the beginning of his legal career Mr. Shea became closely associated with George V. McLaughlin, the head of Brooklyn's Democratic Party, and held several posts in the state's insurance regulatory apparatus. In 1941 he entered private practice. In the late 1950's, largely under the auspices of William J. Casey, later the director of the Central Intelligence Agency, Mr. Shea became re-acquainted with Mr. Gould, a classmate at George Washington High School who had become a prominent trial lawyer. 'Blarney and Chutzpah'

The two formed the 22-lawyer firm of Shea, Gallop, Climenko & Gould in 1964......


Wednesday, March 24, 1999

The New York Law Journal


...Prized Victory

....Mr. Gould was a board member of many companies he represented, including 20th Century Fox. There he fired Marilyn Monroe when she ignored the command of executives that she was too far behind on a movie to go to Madison Square Garden to sing ''Happy Birthday" to President John F. Kennedy at a celebration organized by his brother, Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy. Several years later, Mr. Gould told his partners, Robert Kennedy vetoed Mr. Gould's nomination for a federal judgeship, writing on the papers that went to President Lyndon B. Johnson, ''over my dead body.''....


(4) Barbara Honegger, October Surprise (1989)

William Casey, CIA Director, who reportedly attended meetings in Paris, France, on October 19 and 20, 1980, with Iranian officials and agents of French intelligence to arrange an arms-for-hostages-delay deal with Iran. The morning of his first scheduled under-oath testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee on the secret Iran initiative he was struck by seizures in his CIA headquarters office in Langley, Virginia, and underwent speech-incapacitating left brain surgery shortly thereafter. Had he lived to testify, according to life-long friend and counsel Milton Gould, Casey would have told the "entire truth." He died on May 6, 1987.


An End to a Law Firm That Defined a Type


.....While Mr. Shea flexed the political muscle of the firm, Mr. Gould groomed young litigators and continued to amass a glossy client roster that included Aristotle Onassis, Donald Trump, William J. Casey, Jack Kent Cooke, Aldo Gucci, and Leona Helmsley. ....


Reagan Was Willing To Go To Jail For Hostages .

Lodi News-Sentinel - Sep 21, 1988

He told a congressional committee he had the approval of Casey, ... of things going on I don't know about," Casey's at . torney Milton Gould said Casey told ...

Testimony By Casey Disputed .

Press-Courier - Jul 31, 1981

... In a sworn affidavit that "the offering circular was prepared by William Casey and Lawrence Orbe,'' another director. Casey's lawyer, Milton Gould, ...


Pay-Per-View -

Boston Globe - Jul 17, 1981

Another federal court ruling critical of CIA Director William J. Casey's financial ... Casey's attorney in New York, Milton Gould, said the CIA director, ...

Honeymooners .

Williamson Daily News - Jul 31, 1981

... that "the offering circular was prepared by William Casey and Lawrence Orbe," another director. Casey's attorney, Milton Gould, has said any work Casey did ...

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You can add to those names David Rockefeller, Henry Kissinger and Jack Revill.... Michael and Ruth Paine.

Ruth Paine lives about an hour and a half from me -- St. Petersburg, FL. But honestly I'd be scared for my life. They know too much. They're dangerous. They set up Oswald.

Apparently, you're looking at people who knew Irv Kupcinet well. As time went on, they continued a certain activity, which had become illegal: Each year at Christmas, the Chicago Sun-Times would receive a ferry filled with gifts for the Kupcinets. And when it was considered unethical for a columnist to accept gifts from somebody, the Sun-Times still had to deal with it. It didn't seem to bother Irv at all. Probably most of the contraband was given to charities.

So you believe that Irv Kupcinet knew about these white collar crimes and refused to report them, although he considered himself an avid reporter. These were people who probably sent Irv gifts, so he looked away.

I was reading about Karyn Kupcinet last night in a book about Sidney Korshak, mob lawyer and Irv's best friend. The general consensus of his friends, some of the people you name, Mr. Scully, believed that Karyn committed suicide. The Mob wanted to go to Los Angeles and find out about this death, but Irv said no thanks. He didn't want it getting out that Karyn was addicted to methamphetamine and other problems she had.

In 1962 she was convicted of shoplifting. She was taking a pair of slacks, a couple of books and a sweater she stole from another store before entering this one. She paid a $150 fine. In 1963 she was chasing Andrew Prine by cab in LA. She'd go to his favorite night spots and entered looking for him; she'd just turn up and he was beginning to hate it. But in my estimation, he treated her in a very cruel manner. She had just had an abortion and was bleeding so heavily she almost died. What did he do for her? The next day he opened a can of soup. Mark Goddard paid for the abortion. She couldn't ask her parents. I am continually fascinated with that family. I want to go on but won't. This all started with Penn Jones,Jr.

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