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Iran Hostages Conspiracy

John Simkin

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I have had this email from someone living in Dallas, Texas (he has supplied a name and telephone number).

I was given some information in about 1979 that maybe you would be interested in, that has influenced my opinions about our government ever since:

I bought some real estate then from a woman named Thelma Tyson. Her mama had owned this apartment house, had died, and Thelma sold it to me. Thelma's husband was Jim Tyson, a County Commissioner here in Dallas.

I was young, about 26 then, when I bought the property, and Thelma and I talked from time to time about politics. She was every involved in every aspect of the Democratic Party. I, in fact, really did like Jimmy Carter.

So as Jimmy Carter pranced through his presidency, then came along the the Iran/hostage crisis.

Then there was the rescue attempt that failed, where we were told the helicopters couldn't see well at night, ran into each other, and 23 of our soldiers died. How sad, how unfortunate.

So, one night, for some reason or another about the real estate I had bought from Thelma, we were talking. I said this: that our military was horrible, and so disorganized and so forth, to plan such a stupid rescue attempt only to run into each other in the night. I was putting down the whole rescue plan, and our military.

I didn't think they were that good if things like that happen. Stupid things like that happen to stupid plans, and they start with the stupid planners. Good planners don't make mistakes. So, in the midst of my condemnations, she interupted me. She said, "NO, NO NO!! That's not what happened at all!!"

I first thought that maybe I had not heard the news right, that maybe there was something missing from what I had heard, but no, she knew something that most did not know, apparently not even the news media.

She said that the helicopters did not in fact bump into each other. It was a double-agent sabotage deal. She said she had talked to Jimmy Carter the night after it happened. Thelma said she knew Jimmy even before he was elected Governor. They were very close, and Thelma was very active in the Democratic Party.

She said that our CIA agent was actually a double agent, and since he knew of the rescue plan, he took part in sabotaging the effort, which resulted in thwarting the rescue attempt and killing a number of our soldiers. She said that Jimmy told her that "it's okay, though, he's been taken care of".

So there, from that point, I realized that our government does not tell us the truth. I believed Thelma totally. There was no reason for her to lie to me. The lie has been implanted into the public brain by the media.

Does the media know the truth? I think so. It's all a stage. All the big wigs up there know what really happened. It's all a game, and part of the game is to keep the truth from the American people, probably in our own best interests.

If enough anger is built up, perhaps the American people would have wanted a big war against Iran, which we were not prepared to implement. I thought that maybe we had a bigger plan;, and we didn't want to disturb the bigger picture. Or maybe we didnt' want to show the ineptitude and inefficiency of our biggest spy agency, the CIA, and show the world our embarrassment of having an Iranian agent infiltrate our top spy plans enough to sabatoge them and kill our soldiers. How embarrassing.

I don't know, but I also know that if the President wants you "taken care of", I'm pretty sure something can be done to you, or me, or anyone he pegs.

To make a larger point, I think that in the larger scope of things, maybe the government just isn't telling us everything. After all, exposing our plans to the public would also expose them to the enemy on the other side.

I have often thought of the ingenius plan to attack Iraq after Afghanistan. What did it do? Well, with all the media attention on Iraq, it took the camera off of Afghanistan for a long while. Every Islam radical in the world headed to Iraq to fight the Americans. From every corner of the globe, even some in America, headed to Iraq to fight for their cause, and that's just what we wanted them to do. In that way we could make easier gains in Afghanistan. With less Taliban to fight there, it would be easier for us there. Also, why have all the terrorists scattered around the globe? It's harder to fight them there. Let's get them all in one place, the battle of all battles, so we can wipe as many of them out as we can. Great plan, but we can't let the other side know the psychology of it all. It's a secret.

Now that we've gained the upper hand in Iraq, and giving control more and more to the Iraqi police, instead of us, the attention is on Afghanistan. Now we have the cooperation of the Pakistani government, and for the first time in history, tribal factions in the Pakistani mountains are slowly being wiped out and put under their government control. Now we want all the attention there, where we can gather all the radicals up in one place where we can better take them out. Can't let the world know the psychology of it, but the less attention Iraq gets nowadays the better. Let the terrorists all head to Afghanistan to fight us, there, where we can more easily put them in one place and take 'em out. Soon, there will be less and less violence in Iraq, and we can brag about how our efforts there have actually worked.

The government can't actually let the public know the plan, without exposing it to the enemy.

The Dallas Cowboys can't actually tell the media what they're REALLY going to do Sunday, or the other side will be waiting for us. We have to tell a lie.

Perhaps the American government is just printing more money, a no-no, and they don't want the world to know. With the demand for cash, it won't hurt, and they're just printing millions, loaning to people who won't pay it back, but we know it's going into the economy to give us a boost. I don't know, but I don't trust the media a second, not that they're lying to us, but that they really don't know the master plan.

I hope I'm right, or we're really in deep trouble. Do you really think our government is really that stupid to send our economy to China?

I've thought that if you're planning a big scrap with somebody, then right before you start swingin, it's good to owe them a lot of money. Especially if you can show everyone that it was their fault, they started it, and now you don't have to pay back the money you borrowed. Perhaps the best plan for peace with China is to owe them a lot of money. They have to be nice to us then, cause otherwise we won't pay it back. Haha.

I have some tenants renting from me that are behind on their rent. If I kick them out, I'll never get the money.

I have to be nice to them and try to work it out, and maybe they won't get further behind, and maybe I'll be able to recover my money in the future.

The U.S. is right where we want to be, and the media is in place to make the other side think just exactly what we want, and then we can gain better control, and hopefully peace.

Maybe that's the master plan. Maybe it's best to hide the fact that our soldiers were killed, the CIA messed up this one, and the families were not told the truth. It doesn't matter, just the fact that we are on a plan of peace, not war, and that makes it necessary to hide the truth from the American public.

I believe that that is where our democracy has evolved.

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My reply to the email:

I fully believe Thelma Tyson's story. Jimmy Carter's popularity was badly damaged in November, 1979, when student militants in Iran seized the United States embassy in Teheran and took 52 hostages. The students demanded that the hostages would be held until the Shah, the country's former leader, who was in the United States for medical treatment, was handed over to the government of Iran. Carter imposed economic sanctions on Iran and when that failed to work, ordered an armed rescue, Operation Eagle Claw, on April 24, 1980, which resulted in a failed mission, the crash of two aircraft and the deaths of eight American servicemen. I agree that this operation was sabotaged by CIA figures who supported Ronald Reagan. Carter's approval rating now slumped to 21 per cent, the lowest figure ever recorded by a president.

During the 1980 presidential campaign Ronald Reagan was informed by the CIA that Jimmy Carter was attempting to negotiate a deal with Iran to get the American hostages released. This was disastrous news for the Reagan campaign. If Carter got the hostages out before the election, the public perception of the man might change and he might be elected for a second-term. As Michael Deaver later told the New York Times: "One of the things we had concluded early on was that a Reagan victory would be nearly impossible if the hostages were released before the election... There is no doubt in my mind that the euphoria of a hostage release would have rolled over the land like a tidal wave. Carter would have been a hero, and many of the complaints against him forgotten. He would have won."

According to Barbara Honegger, a researcher and policy analyst with the 1980 Reagan/Bush campaign, William J. Casey and other representatives of the Reagan presidential campaign made a deal at two sets of meetings in July and August at the Ritz Hotel in Madrid with Iranians to delay the release of Americans held hostage in Iran until after the November 1980 presidential elections. Reagan’s aides promised that they would get a better deal if they waited until Carter was defeated.

On 22nd September, 1980, Iraq invaded Iran. The Iranian government was now in desperate need of spare parts and equipment for its armed forces. Jimmy Carter proposed that the US would be willing to hand over supplies in return for the hostages.

Once again, the Central Intelligence Agency leaked this information to Ronald Reagan and George H. W. Bush. This attempted deal was also passed to the media. On 11th October, the Washington Post reported rumors of a “secret deal that would see the hostages released in exchange for the American made military spare parts Iran needs to continue its fight against Iraq”.

A couple of days before the election Barry Goldwater was reported as saying that he had information that “two air force C-5 transports were being loaded with spare parts for Iran”. This was not true. However, this publicity had made it impossible for Carter to do a deal. Ronald Reagan on the other hand, had promised the Iranian government that he would arrange for them to get all the arms they needed in exchange for the hostages.

In the election Reagan easily defeated Jimmy Carter by 44 million votes to 35 million. The Republican Party also won control of the Senate for the first time in 26 years. According to Mansur Rafizadeh, the former U.S. station chief of SAVAK, the Iranian secret police, CIA agents had persuaded Khomeini not to release the American hostages until Reagan was sworn in. In fact, they were released twenty minutes after his inaugural address.

Reagan appointed William J. Casey as director of the Central Intelligence Agency. In this position he was able to arrange the delivery of arms to Iran. These were delivered via Israel. By the end of 1982 all Regan’s promises to Iran had been made. With the deal completed, Iran was free to resort to acts of terrorism against the United States. In 1983, Iranian-backed terrorists blew up 241 marines in the CIA Middle-East headquarters.

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