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Did Bobby Kennedy kill Marilyn?

Linda Powell

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This has been somewhat of a hot topic since the mid-sixties and it shows no signs of cooling. Opinion in general these days leans toward the theory that RFK engineered her death and was present at the time of it.

There are some however, who feel that Marilyn's death was an attempt to frame RFK and various names have been put forward over the years as culprits for this. The mob in particular have been named as likely suspects because of RFK's crackdown on their activities and because of Joe and Jack Kennedy's reneging on alleged electoral promises to Giancana.

A number of researchers, most notably perhaps Donald H Wolfe and Robert Slatzer, have concluded that RFK was involved, though there are inconsistencies in their published research which have led some to conclude that they have been selective in presenting their findings or have been subjective in interpretation.

I'd be interested in opinions on this topic.

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Hi Linda -

I read Slatzer's book back in the late 80's - when he wrote about purportedly being married to MM for a very short time...

I would have to say that anyone interested in this subject should start with his book; it is interesting reading and helps one make a better-informed decision as to whether the whole "Rat Pack" (or various combinations thereof) might have been involved - since Frank Sinatra Sammy Davis Jr., Peter Lawford (core members of the "Rat Pack"), along with RFK and JFK - they all appeared to have ties together, whether "above-" or "below" board!

I haven't read the other book you mentioned, but will try to find it - as I am of the opinion that MORE information is better than LESS...

Jules :unsure:

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I find it impossible to believe Robert Kennedy was involved in the murder of Marilyn Monroe. What motive would he have had? I know there is this story put about that Marilyn was keeping a diary about her relationship with the two brothers. This story started as a result of a forged CIA document dated 3rd August, 1962.

Wiretap of telephone conversation between reporter Dorothy Kilgallen and her close friend, Howard Rothberg; from wiretap of telephone conversation of Marilyn Monroe and Attorney General Robert Kennedy. Appraisal of Content: (Blacked Out).

1. Rothberg discussed the apparent comeback of subject with Kilgallen and the break up with the Kennedys. Rothberg told Kilgallen that she was attending Hollywood parties hosted by the "inner circle" among Hollywood's elite and was becoming the talk of the town again. Rothberg indicated in so many words, that she had secrets to tell, no doubt arising from her trists (sic) with the President and the Attorney General. One such (illegible) mentions the visit by the President at a secret air base for the purpose of inspecting things from outer space. Kilgallen replied that she knew what might be the source of the visit. In the mid-fifties Kilgallen learned of secret effort by US and UK governments to identify the origins of crashed spacecraft and dead bodies, from a British government official. Kilgallen believed the story may have come from the (illegible) in the late forties. Kilgallen said that if the story is true, it could cause terrible embarrassment to Jack and his plans to have NASA put men on the moon.

2. Subject repeatedly called the Attorney General and complained about the way she was being ignored by the President and his brother.

3. Subject threatened to hold a press conference and would tell all.

4. Subject made references to "bases" in Cuba and knew of the President's plan to kill Castro.

5. Subject made reference to her "diary of secrets" and what the newspapers would do with such disclosures.

Some researchers believed this document and argued that it helped explain both the deaths of Marilyn Monroe and Dorothy Kilgallen (both died in very similar ways).

It is true that both John and Robert Kennedy had brief affairs with Monroe. In fact, it was probably Robert’s only affair and created a lot of problems within his marriage. However, Robert knew that he could not keep the affair a secret. In an interview he gave to Anthony Lewis (published for the first time 1988) he reported that during his brother’s presidency J. Edgar Hoover sent someone around to his office every month given details of information he had on the Kennedy family. This included details of both men’s affairs with Marilyn Monroe. It was indeed the information that Hoover had about JFK relationship with Judith Campbell that eventually convinced him not to retire Hoover as head of the FBI.

Robert Kennedy therefore had no motivation to get personally involved in any plot to kill Monroe. If he had of done, Hoover, who hated RFK with a passion, would have made sure it would have been made public.

By the way Linda, I think you would have got a better response if you posted in the JFK forum. Maybe it is worth your while re-posting in that area.

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