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'Lisa Pease'

Subject: My review of C. David Heymann's work

Dear People:

Some of you know me well, some of you barely at all, and some may be wondering why you got this message. I want to alert all of you to my review of C. David Heymann’s book Bobby and Jackie: A Love Story.

As someone who has studied the Kennedys for fifteen years, I found Heymann’s accusations so far from the reality of what other authors had described that I really dug in and did a lot of homework, not just on this book by Heymann, but on several others. I found that many had challenged his credibility before, and in depth.

In this piece, I’ve put a lot of those challenges together in one package. I hope everyone will use this as reference before quoting from or believing anything in a Heymann book ever again.



Lisa Pease


Co-editor, The Assassinations: Probe Magazine on JFK, RFK, MLK, and Malcolm X (Feral House)

Blog: http://realhistoryarchives.blogspot.com

Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/lisapease

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'Lisa Pease'

Subject: My review of C. David Heymann's work

Dear People:

Some of you know me well, some of you barely at all, and some may be wondering why you got this message. I want to alert all of you to my review of C. David Heymann’s book Bobby and Jackie: A Love Story.

As someone who has studied the Kennedys for fifteen years, I found Heymann’s accusations so far from the reality of what other authors had described that I really dug in and did a lot of homework, not just on this book by Heymann, but on several others. I found that many had challenged his credibility before, and in depth.

In this piece, I’ve put a lot of those challenges together in one package. I hope everyone will use this as reference before quoting from or believing anything in a Heymann book ever again.



Lisa Pease


Co-editor, The Assassinations: Probe Magazine on JFK, RFK, MLK, and Malcolm X (Feral House)

Blog: http://realhistoryarchives.blogspot.com

Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/lisapease

Thanks for that Bernice,

and Lisa, that was two days well spent.

Much appreciated.

I wouldn't have read the book anyway, but Heymann makes me think of Gregory Douglas, except that you can see the Disinformation behind Douglas' stories have a secret, political purpose, while Heymann seems to be a con artist.


Edited by William Kelly
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Guest Robert Morrow

In my opinion, David Heymann is 100% correct that Robert Kennedy and Jackie Kennedy had a love affair and a sexual relationship post JFK assassination. It went on for years with Jackie playing Robert Kennedy and Aristotle Onassis off against each other.

It is possible that this affair began before the JFK assassination.

Jackie Kennedy loved Robert Kennedy more than anyone else except her kids. Robert Kennedy was Jackie's rock of support long before the JFK assassination.

I read the excellent book "Bobby and Jackie: A Love Story" by C. David Heymann. I HIGHLY recommend this fantastic book which gives great insights into the relationship of Robert Kennedy and Jackie Kennedy.


It left no doubt in my mind, through many personal anecdotes and commentary from close Kennedy friends, that post JFK Assassination Robert and Jackie Kennedy were engaging in an intense love/sex affair.

I have always wondered WHY both Robert and Jackie Kennedy remained so publicly SILENT about their true thinking that an elite domestic political conspiracy murdered John Kennedy. After all, they sent an emissary to Russia in December, 1963, to tell the Russians that the Kennedys were convinced that JFK had been murdered by a high level domestic plot.

So why did they not tell the American people that? I think we have the answer now. #1 They were in fear for their lives, pretty much knowing that there had been a coup d'etat and they were powerless to change that or fight or find the murderers of JFK.

#2, and it is a big one, Robert Kennedy was afraid that if he made too much, or any, waves publicly about the conspiracy to murder John Kennedy that it would inevitably lead to public revelations about the love/sex affair he was having with Jackie Kennedy post JFK assassiation.

One thing this book "Bobby and Jackie" underscores is how much Jackie Kennedy was in love with Robert Kennedy. I get the feeling she would do anything for Robert, including running through a brick wall. They had a very intense, very close relationship ... including some torrid sex as they basically fell into each other's arms in their post JFK assassination grief.


[David Heymann, Bobby and Jackie: a Love Story, pp. 117-118]:

"Over lunch that afternoon, Smathers asked Bobby why he’d aborted his personal investigation into his brother’s assassination.

“Because every time I pump the FBI or CIA for information,” RFK responded, “I end up with a death threat in the mail. So does Teddy. I don’t care about my own life, but I do care about my brother’s. My using the CIA in conjunction with the Mafia to go after Castro may have led to Jack’s death. One in the family is enough.”

For his part, Smathers supported the theory that there had been a conspiratorial plot between organized crime and the CIA, or, more accurately, a renegade faction of the CIA. Smathers had little faith in the findings of the Warren Commission. “Gerald Ford, the future president, was an FBI mole,” said Smathers. “He was on the commission but reported back to J. Edgar Hoover.” Despite the FBI director’s disdain for the Kennedys, Smathers firmly believed that it was the CIA - and not the FBI – that had worked with the syndicate to assassinate Kennedy. “In 1957 JFK and I spent a few days in Havanna,” continued Smathers. While there, they were introduced to crime figures Meyer Lansky and Santos Trafficante, both of whom controlled Cuba’s hotels, casinos, and nightclubs, creating an exhuberant after-hours atmosphere. “Trafficante set us up in a hotel suite with several choice ladies of the night. Only later did I realize how stupid we’d been. It wouldn’t have surprised me to learn that we’d been filmed through a one-way guest-room mirror. The opportunity for blackmail, particularly after Jack became president, pointed to the foolishness of our little adventure. Jack could never resist temptation. His name cropped up in 1963 in connection with the so-called Profumo debacle, in which an international vice ring nearly brought down the British government. He’d been linked to one of the women involved in the case. Had he lived, Jack would’ve been dragged through the mud. And there was the matter of Mary Pinchot Meyer, his last mistress, who was murdered in 1964 while walking along the towpath in Georgetown. Had he been alive, that case also would have come back to haunt Jack.”

RFK, long his brother’s bagman, almost certainly knew of the meeting in pre-Castro Cuba between Jack and Trafficante, as well as all the rest of JFK’s sordid dealings. Ultimately, according to Smathers, Bobby’s decision to discontinue his investigation into his brother’s assassination probably had less to do with the Mafia and more to do with his and Jackie Kennedy’s madcap affair following Jack’s death.

“At least, that’s what Ted Kennedy told me,” noted Smathers. “One of Bobby’s fears was that somebody would eventually leak information on the affair to the press. Too many people were in on the secret. Exposure in the media would have ruined any chance Bobby might have had of following in Jack’s presidential footsteps. Frankly, between the CIA and Bobby’s interlude with Jackie, it’s a wonder that none of it had already been exposed in the press.”"

[David Heymann, Bobby and Jackie: a Love Story, pp. 117-118]

More on the RFK/Jackie Love affair; Notes from Bobby and Jackie by C. David Heymann:

p. Vii “Thereafter nearly every biographer of Bobby or Jackie, including volumes by Edward Klein, Christopher Anderson, Sarah Bradford, and Peter Evans, capitalized on my research and reported on the Bobby-Jackie affair, in certain instances adding new details to those already known.”

p. 8 Jack Valenti describes Bobby Kennedy as a man possessed as he entered Air Force One on 11/22/63 as he rushed to Jackie’s side. RFK ignored everyone else and rushed by them.

p.14 Jackie invites her future boyfriend Ari Onassis to the White House during the JFK mourning period.

p. 15-16 RFK and Jackie visit JFK’s grave at midnight at Arlington. They were holding hands.

p. 22 Hoovers bulging files on JFK’s wildly promiscuous life

p. 22 JFK was blatantly having sex with other women on his honeymoon. JFK collecting names and phone numbers. Then JFK picks up one of the better looking women. “They emerged twenty minutes later, looking flushed and spent.”

p. 23 1956 JFK and 3 friends with Scandanavian ladies on ship in Mediterranean. Meanwhile Jackie is back home going through a miscarriage. Bobby was there to comfort her and bury the baby.

p. 25 Bill Walton details Jackie’s affair with actor William Holden. She was doing it out of revenge to get even with JFK.

p. 25 Langdon Marvin admits JFK used to send him as an advance man on the 1960 campaign trail to line up women for Kennedy.

p.26 Pamela Turnure dating Kennedy since 1958. She is later placed as press secretary to Jackie.

p. 27 JFK’s orgies in the White House; naked swimming pool parties. Secret Service Marty Venker said JFK “could be screwing a woman in the basement of the White House one minute, and the next minute he’d be playing family man with his wife and kids – or he’d be in the Oval Office discussing strategy with the prime minister of England.”

p. 27 Marty Venker describes Jackie as “world’s greatest masochist.”

p. 28 Susan Sklover was hired as a physical therapist for JFK; only then did she find out it involved providing him sexual services. Said JFK would just lie on his back while she did all the activity …She quit after 6 weeks and was forced to sign a non-disclosure agreement and given $5,000.

p. 31 Truman Capote called relationship of Jackie and JFK going into White House as an “utter farce.” Says Jackie constantly turned to RFK for advice and support. “He served as her Rock of Gibraltar.”

p. 31 Peter Jay Sharp – went into a Carlyle suite in 1962 found all 3 Kennedy brothers with a different woman, Bobby laying on floor, Ted with his girl in the bathroom.

p. 33 “Why can’t Jack be more like Bobby?” – Jackie to Pierre Salinger

p. 34 Jackie and JFK have a physical scuffle on the White House staircase at the reception of 11/20/63. It looked like Jackie had grabbed a clump of his hair. Apparently, JFK had been with Mary Meyer that afternoon.

p. 42 Post JFK assassination, Jackie mental collapse, very depressed, would only see Bobby.

p. 48 William Manchester – Jackie drinking heavily in her grief. Jackie’s manic mood swings.

p. 50 RFK obsessed with secretly investigating JFK’s death. “He could talk about little else.” – Ken O’Donnell.

p. 52 Bobby spending more time with Jackie’s family than his own.

p. 56 Jackie tries to get Marlon Brando in bed … or maybe she did not because Brando was too drunk.

p. 57 Jackie tells Truman Capote that her sister Lee wants to have sex with Bobby.

p. 58 Chuck Spalding talking about RFK and Jackie canoodling. Holding hands, whispering in ears, Bobby on vacation with Jackie NOT his wife Ethel who gave him 11 kids. Chuck Spalding: “There was definitely something between them…You had to be dumb, deaf and blind not to sense it.”

p. 60 “I wish you were an amoeba, so you could multiply and there would be two or more of you.” Jackie to Bobby.

p. 60 Gore Vidal “I suspect that the one person Jackie ever loved … was Bobby. There was always something oddly intimate in her voice when she mentioned him to me.”

p. 61 Arthur Schlesinger, Jr. describes Bobby and Jackie disappearing below deck on the yacht Sequoia: “I have no idea what transpired between them, but when they returned, they looked as chummy as a pair of Cheshire cats.”

p. 61 Red Fay “Bobby was with her all the time.”

p. 63 Bobby tries to have sex with Joan Braden.

p. 65 RFK and Jackie at party … Bobby “hovered around Jackie like he owned her.” “electricity” between them.

p. 65 Susan Pollock “affair was an open secret.”

p. 67-68 “Bobby and Jackie practically flaunted their mutual affection, hugging and kissing on the beach and walking arm in arm into a local restaurant for dinner.”

p. 70 Bobby’s chauffeur Jim Fitzgerald describes regular overnight stays at Jackie’s, come out the next day “with a grin on his face and a twinkle in his eyes.”

p.70 Dave Powers – RFK spends lots of his time with Caroline and John John.

p. 73 RFK affair with Natalie Fell Cushing

p. 74 Jackie’s affair with architect John Carl Warnecke

p. 75 Coates Redmon: “ I’m 99% sure they were involved … they could have had a mad, morbid attraction to each other, and how this initial attachment continued to grow.”

p. 76 Ted tries to kiss Ethel …”Ethel pushed him away and said, ‘We’ll have none of that Bobby and Jackie stuff in this house.’” Katherine the maid heard this and told it to laundress Mary De Grace.

p. 77 Frankin Roosevelt, Jr. “Everybody knew about the affair …The two of them carried on like a pair of lovesick teenagers… I suspect Bobby would have liked to dump Ethel and marry Jackie.”

p. 77 Merribelle Moore – Ethel called her home all the time complaining about the Bobby/Jackie affair.

p. 78 Richard Burton encouraging Bobby and Jackie to get married!

p. 81 Mary Harrington – RFK and Barbara Marx had affair.

p. 82 then Bobby has affair with Mary Harrington!

p. 83 Mary Harrington spots Bobby and Jackie sunbathing “As they began to kiss he placed one hand on her breast and the other inside of her bikini bottom. After a minute or so, she stood up, wrapped a towel around her breasts and shoulders, and walked toward the house. Bobby followed. I was shocked. It was clear that Bobby was sleeping with his sister-in-law.”

p. 83 RFK replaces JFK as the “dad” of his kids.

p. 84 Renee Lutten aide to Dr. Henry Lax – Jackie spoke of her affair w/RFK with her confidant Dr. Henry Lax.

p. 86 Ari Onassis has sex with Jackie.

p. 87 Audrey Zauderer – “Absolutely!” there was an affair.

p. 87 Maud Shaw – Bobby and Jackie “making no secret of their dalliance”

p. 87-88 Bernard Hayworth – Bobby and Jackie on the beach – “He began massaging her back and kissing her neck. I felt like an intruder, so I stood up to leave, and that’s when he saw me. He froze and so did I. After what seemed an eternity, he started massaging Jackie again.”

p. 88 Mort Downey, Jr. RFK affair with Kim Novak, in the bed while a hotel fire alarm goes off.

p. 89 RFK has affair with Claudine Longet to get even with Jackie seeing Ari Onassis

p. 90 RFK dating 19 year old Candice Bergen

p. 92 RFK and Polly Bissell, clad only in bathing suits, ride off on a Harley. 5/25/65. Go to a wooded area to have sex. Police report of a couple copulating in public – no arrests.

p. 96 Sir Cecil Beaton – Jackie “in much love” with Bobby

p. 99 Bobby and Jackie sitting very close at a bar

p. 100 C. Douglas Dillon – walked in on Bobby and Jackie kissing in the back yard

p. 101 Carl Killingsworth – no photos of JFK in Jackie’s apartment; only a large framed photo of Robert Kennedy

p. 106 Jackie either steals or accidentally takes gold cigarette lighter.

p. 111 Jackie tells Angier Biddle Duke that she is involved with 2 men who she values and respects.

p. 112 RFK and Onassis both send Jackie flowers on her return home from a trip

p.113 Pierre Salinger calls Bobby “Jackie’s current lover”

p. 113 Chuck Spalding “Bobby and Jackie were extremely close.”

p. 114 Truman Capote recalls Lee Radziwell’s daily updates on the Bobby/Jackie Kennedy affair… “Bobby was addicted to sex and got it where and whenever it was offered to him.”

p. 114 Eunice Shriver to Ethel Kennedy – “Well, what are you going to do about it – Bobby’s spending an awful lot of time with the ‘widder.’” Ethel gave no response at all.

p. 115 Johnny Meyer – key aide to Onassis – Onassis was disturbed about the RFK/Jackie affair.

p. 115 Meyer present for this. Onassis: “Your boyfriend’s a little xxxxx.” Jackie: “That doesn’t describe him anatomically.”

p. 117-118 Ted Kennedy tells George Smather about RFK/Jackie affair and says that is one big reason why Robert Kennedy did not aggressively publicly pursue the investigation of his brother’s death.

p. 118 Larry Rivers talks about affair.

p. 120 Roy Cohn (a homosexual who died of AIDS and expert in sexual blackmail) said that RFK and Rudolph Nureyev were having an affair. [Note from Robert Morrow – I doubt this…]

p. 120 Sam Murphy doorman saw RFK for Jackie in 1966 – saw RFK come by about 3 times/week usually for overnights. Aristotle Onassis very rarely and usually with lots of gifts for the kids.

p. 121 Kenneth McKnight walked into RFK’s office in July, 1966. – “I peeked in and there, on a sofa, sat Bobby Kennedy, and straddling his lap, her arms around his neck, was Jackie Kennedy. When they saw me they engaged and stood.”

p. 122 RFK tells McKnight that he saw and heard nothing “If I hadn’t agreed … I honestly believe he would’ve murdered then and there.”

p. 123 RFK’s affair with Margo Cohen

p. 125 Jackie affair with Charles Adams

p. 126 Dave Powers – RFK on trip, has staff send letters to Ethel, while RFK calls Jackie 3 times per day.

p. 128 RFK buys Jackie a $12,000 jade Buddha decanter. Says send $10,000 invoice to Joseph P. Kennedy Foundation.

p. 129 Ethel Kennedy household abuzz with talk of Jackie/RFK affair.

p. 131 Truman Capote – “Never mind that Madame Queen [Jackie] was sleeping with her very married brother-in-law [bobby] and concomitantly with none other than Aristotle Onassis, and that both were paying big money for her service.”

p. 133 April 1967 London trip. Bobby and Jackie were sharing same hotel suite.

p. 135 Ken O’Donnell talks about RFK/Jackie affair.

p. 139 Jackie tells RFK to run for Senate. She was the trusted advisor who RFK trusted the most even for political advice. Jack Newfield – heard from MANY people that RFK/Jackie were lovers. “I heard many times from many people that they were lovers. I couldn’t tell. But I could see that they were extremely committed to each other.”

Edited by Robert Morrow
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Guest Tom Scully

So..... Robert, how many Rockefellers would have to be in close proximity to the "witnesses" in any of these salacious smears before you would be influenced not to go all in, ASAP? "Betty" Coxe, wife of Charles F. Spalding, just happened to be the sister-in-law of Judith Gratz, a close relation of the mother of Marion Rockefeller, wife and sister-in-law of the Bush and CIA connected Stone brothers, Robert Jr. and David.:


MISS ROGKEFELLER ED IN 6RBEqqICH; Christ uplscopa! Church...

New York Times - May 30, 1948

Church !s the Scene of Her Marriage to Robert Gregg Stone Jr, i Special to Tag Nzw ... The other attendants were Mrs. Eckley B. Coxe 4th, the Misses Nancy ...

?IIg8 C, V. HAILTOH! , x;m,Es BRINE[; Member of Philadelphia Jun}or '-League Wed in Bryn Mawr : .to"Godfrey Rockefeller ' - :_

New York Times - Sep 19, 1948

The bride, daughter of Villiam H. Hamilton of the University Club, New York, and the late Mrs. Hamilton, who was Miss Constance Vaucln, was given in ... Mrs. Robert C. Stone Jr. md Mrs. Eckley B. Coxe 4th of Greenwich; Ars. John Norris, the ...



Philadelphia Inquirer, The (PA) - November 18, 1997


BROKERAGE EXECUTIVE, 73 Samuel M.V. Hamilton, 73, a senior vice president at Janney Montgomery Scott, died of cancer Sunday at his home in Wayne.

Mr. Hamilton, also executive director of 218 Enterprises and an owner of Samuels, a restaurant in Spread Eagle Village, was a partner in Montgomery Scott & Co. for many years before the firm merged with Janney, Battles & E.W. Clark in 1971.

Active in civic and cultural affairs, Mr. Hamilton was a member and former chairman of the board of the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, and was a former member of the board of the Franklin Institute. He was on the board of Fox Chase Cancer Center and the Hamilton Family Foundation. He was a director of the Coaching Club of America, which preserves the tradition of traveling by horse-drawn coach.

Born in New York, Mr. Hamilton was raised in Rosemont by his grandfather Samuel M. Vauclain, chairman of the board of Baldwin Locomotive Works. He graduated from the Choate School in Wallingford, Conn., and from the University of Pennsylvania. An Army lieutenant, he served with the Office of Strategic Service and the CIA during the Korean War.

Surviving are his wife, Dorrance Hill Hamilton; daughter, Margaret H. Duprey; sons, Nathaniel P. and S. Matthews V. Jr.; a sister; a brother; and nine grandchildren.

The Last Great Lady

Campbell Soup heiress Dorrance “Dodo” Hamilton has enjoyed a life of wealth and glamour: a debutante coming-out splashed in the "New York Times", summers in Newport, and years as the face (and hat!) of the Main Line.

By Amy Korman

November 2008

That’s Mrs. Hamilton for you. (When you’re a billionairess, people call you “Mrs.”) With her elegant suits and trademark wide-brimmed hats, she might look the part of the classic old-school socialite, but Dorrance Hill Hamilton (“Dodo” was a nickname inherited from her mother) puts her own stamp on everything she does.

MISS ROGKEFELLER ED IN 6RBEqqICH; Christ uplscopa! Church...

New York Times - May 30, 1948

Church !s the Scene of Her Marriage to Robert Gregg Stone Jr, i Special to Tag ... the Misses Nancy Rockefeller, a cousin of the bride; Constance Hamilton,

Miss Dorrance Hill Wed in St. Thomas' To Samuel MV Hamilton...

New York Times - Feb 26, 1950

White flowers formed a garden background yesterday afternoon in the chantry of St. Thomas Protestant Episcopal Church for the marriage of Miss Dorrance Hill, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Nathaniel P. Hill of New York . ... Henriques C. Hamilton.was best man for his brother, The ushers were ... cousins of the bridegroom, and I Godfrey A. Rockefeller of Greenwich, Conn., his brother- in-law.

Judith Rockefeller Engaged

New York Times - Mar 12, 1978

Mrs. Hugh C. Wallace of Greenville, Del., and Godfrey A. Rockefeller of Gibson Island, Md., have announced the engagement of their daughter, Judith Stillman ..

Godfrey A. Rockefeller - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


Godfrey's first marriage to Constance Hamilton Wallace ended in divorce. He was then married to Margaret "Margo" Kuhn Rockefeller for fifty three years; she ..


New York Times - Feb 20, 1944




Published: February 26, 2012

she is survived by her sister, Louisa Coxe Finch, eight grandchildren, and a great-granddaughter. She was predeceased by a sister, Elizabeth Coxe Spalding and a brother, Eckley B. "Buzz" Coxe, IV......

Banker Charged With Bigamy .

‎News And Courier - Sep 6, 1968

New York Times :



By C. David Heymann

UPDATED: 04:55 EST, 12 July 2009

....However, things were moving fast between 38-year-old Bobby and Jackie. Over Easter 1964, Ethel took Jackie's children and her own on a ski trip, while Bobby, Jackie, Lee and JFK's friend Chuck Spalding went to Antigua.

It didn't take much to see Bobby and Jackie were developing something more than friendship. They held hands, touched, whispered into each other's ears. Every morning they took a long walk together along the shore.

At night they huddled on a veranda and gazed at the starlit sky. 'There was definitely something between them,' said Spalding. 'You had to be dumb, deaf and blind not to sense it.' ......

Private Lives/Public Consequences: Personality and Politics in ... - Page 100


William Henry Chafe - 2005 - Preview - More editionsIt was Joe, not Rose, who visited Jack at prep school. Speculating on Jack's relationship with his mother, Betty Spalding, one of Kennedy's few female confidantes, declared: “Jack hated physical touching . . . which I assume must go back to his ...

Nemesis: the true story : Aristotle Onassis, Jackie O, and the ... - Page 30


Peter Evans - 2004 - Preview - More editions... it ended their long friendship.17) Betty Spalding, the wife of one of Kennedy's closest friends, expressed dismay at the bedroom intimacies Jack confided to her.18 Was it with these thoughts in mind that a few days after they left Hollywood ...

http://www.edwardjay...hived/hersh.htmsersh's Dark Camelot


December 28, 1997

.....Some 35 years later, Hersh resurrected the story, not on the basis of any witness or document to the alleged marriage but on the basis of a piece of conversation that he managed to elicit from a 79-year-old Palm Beach resident, Charles Spalding. Spalding, who, though interviewed many times before over 50 years, never before claimed a role, now told Hersh that he knew about the supposed first marriage because he had himself eliminated the record of it ! at the Palm Beach County Courthouse, saying, according to Hersh! , "I went out there and removed the papers." Presumably, in previous interviews after JFK's death, he had not remembered this extraordinary (and criminal) act. But how reliable is Spalding's new 1997 memory of this incident that supposedly happened in 1947? Before Hersh interviewed him, Spalding had problems with his ability to recall routine information, which Hersh generously describes as an "impairment of his short-term memory." Such a deficiency notwithstanding, this piece of recovered memory about JFK stands or falls on a simple test. If the 1947 marriage registry in Palm Beach County, which was then handwritten and bound, was marred or missing a page, Spalding's story could be valid. If on the other hand the registry was intact and the entries consecutive, Spalding's memory of removing the papers could not be any more valid than the forged archive of Monroe letters. As it turned out, Hersh and his investigators were unable to find any such gap in the marriage records nor, for that matter, any record of a marriage application, which had to be made three days before the ceremony. Nevertheless, on this piece of recovered memory ! from a person who Hersh knew suffered memory lapses and whose recollection was impeached by an investigation of the records, he asserts in "The Dark Side of Camelot," as established fact, that both JFK and his brother Robert "had lied in their denials to newspapermen and the public about Jack Kennedy's long-rumored first marriage to a Palm Beach socialite," that JFK's marriage to Jackie was not a legal union and that his children were born out of wedlock. ....

Mimi Alford :

Mimi discloses that the first person she unloads on, in 1991, is her dear old friend and former roommate Marnie, the daughter of Robert Douglas Stuart, Jr. :

Once Upon a Secret: My Affair With President John F. Kennedy and ... - Page 119

books.google.comMimi Alford - 2012 - 208 pages - Preview

We even went swimming in the White Ilousc pool, which is when they met the President. ... In shorl order, he had changed into a bathing suit and was floating alongside Marnie and Wendy, asking about their summer jobs, whether they were ..

Once Upon a Secret: My Affair With President John F. Kennedy and ... - Page 168

books.google.comMimi Alford - 2012 - 208 pages - Preview

Marnie didn't say a word as I played back the aI'I'air with President Kennedy. She was the best kind oI't'rien(I, ..


Marnie Pillsbury, Ann Temkin, David Rockefeller.


Marnie S. Pillsburyhas been the Executive Director of The David Rockefeller Fund and Philanthropic Advisor to Mr. Rockefeller since 1990. She is a Trustee of The Rockefeller University and serves on the board of the Women's Campaign Fund,Marnie Pillsbury, Ann Temkin, David Rockefeller.....

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Guest Robert Morrow

Re: Tom Scully. I think David Heymann all but proved to 100% certainty that Robert Kennedy and Jackie Kennedy were having an affair. And I have also heard this from a man (now nationally known) whose father was a union man and close supporter of John Kennedy. Apparently this is not that big of a secret.

What you have not figured out is that there are truths and lies everywhere and that often the "rightwing" or "conservative" side of things has useful information... e.g. Ronald Kessler, Jack Wheeler, name 100 others. Ditto Sy Hersh.

If the Rockefellers told me that RFK and Jackie were having an affair, I would tell them tell me something new. Duh.

Many of the Clinton's political enemies were 100% correct in detailing the unhinged sexual behavior of Bill Clinton. Just because they were using his outrageously, risky and unhinged sex life against him does not mean they were lying about it. They were using it as a tool and justifiably so.

Kennedy groupyism, or cult like worship of the Kennedys that so many JFK researchers fall victim to, is the enemy of critical thinking.

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